Is this the endgame for the US dollar?

“Is this the endgame for the US dollar?

It’s broken down through a key level of support.

What could save it?

What are the implications of further falls?

Let’s take a look…
A century of devaluing the dollar

The chart below shows the US dollar index – that is, the US dollar measured against a basket of foreign currencies. This is divided roughly as follows:

Euro (EUR): 57%
Pound sterling (GBP): 12%
Canadian dollar (CAD): 9%
Swedish krona (SEK): 4%
Swiss franc (CHF): 3.5%
Japanese Yen (JPY): 13.5%

We start with a 15-year chart, so we can see the performance of the dollar in some kind of long-term perspective. As you can see, the last ten years have been a decade the US dollar would rather forget.”

Via Money Week

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