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Police: Internet providers must keep user logs

“Law enforcement representatives are planning to endorse a proposed federal law that would require Internet service providers to store logs about their customers for 18 months, CNET has learned.

The National Sheriffs’ Association will say it “strongly supports” mandatory data retention during Tuesday’s U.S. House of Representatives hearing on the topic.”

“The association’s endorsement comes nearly two months after Reps. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), the head of the House Judiciary Committee, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) introduced legislation that would force Internet companies to log data about their customers. It says they must store for “at least 18 months the temporarily assigned network addresses the service assigns to each account, unless that address is transmitted by radio communication”–language that amounts to a huge and unusual exception for wireless carriers.”


We Are Not “Survivalists” We Are “Risk Management Specialists”

“Risk management is the discipline of identifying, monitoring and limiting risks. In some cases the acceptable risk may be near zero. Risks can come from accidents, natural causes and disasters as well as deliberate attacks from an adversary. Read more about Risk Management here

Potential Risk Treatments
Once risks have been identified and assessed, all techniques to manage the risk fall into one or more of these four major categories: (*See below for details)

Avoidance (eliminate)
Reduction (mitigate)
Transfer (outsource or insure)
Retention (accept and budget)”

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How To Begin Your Water Preparations: Short-Term Water Supply

“Short-Term Water Storage is any water storage that is designed to provide drinking water for 90 days or less (3 months). That is my definition and what I recommend working toward, if you haven’t achieved that already. Whether you are a doomsday prepper, or just someone who feels it’s a good idea to have extras on hand for an emergency, a three-month supply is an excellent foundation to build.

Let’s get specific now:

Why 90-Days?
How do I store it?
Where should I store it?”

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Former Intelligence Chief: Expect Intensified Social Conflicts, Social Hostility, Civil Unrest, Extremism

“He was the National Security Advisor for President Jimmy Carter from 1977-1981. In the early 80′s he controlled CIA counter insurgency operations in Soviet occupied Afghanistan. Under President Reagan he was a member of the Defense Department Commission on Integrated Long-Term Strategy. In 1998 he authored The Grand Chessboard – his views on geopolitics and geo-strategy. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign relations and an extremely intelligent individual with inside knowledge of the inner workings of the upper echelons of global command and control initiatives. Many have suggested that if a closely knit conglomerate of individuals does control the world he would have a seat at the boardroom table.

The point is, when Zbigniew Brzezinski talks, take note.

In a recent interview on Morning Joe, Brzezinski discusses a variety of topics, including the very troubling consequences of the continued degradation of our economy.”

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After Shipping 25,000 Jobs Overseas, GE Chairman Tells Business Owners To Stop Blaming Obama And Hire More Workers…

“As the administration struggles to prod businesses to create jobs at home, GE has been busy sending them abroad. Since Immelt took over in 2001, GE has shed 34,000 jobs in the U.S., according to its most recent annual filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. But it’s added 25,000 jobs overseas.”

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A Bad Mood Has Descended On World Financial Markets

“Have you noticed that a really bad mood seems to have descended on world financial markets? Fear and pessimism are everywhere. The global economy never truly recovered from the financial crisis of 2008, and right now everyone is keeping their eyes open for the next “Lehman Brothers moment” that will send world financial markets into another tailspin. Investors have been very nervous for quite some time now, but this week things seem to be going to a whole new level. Fears about the spread of the debt crisis in Europe and about the failure of debt ceiling talks in the United States have really hammered global financial markets. On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 151 points. Italian stocks fared even worse. The stock market in Italy fell more than 3 percent on Monday. The stock markets in Germany and France fell more than 2 percent each. On top of everything else, the fact that protesters have stormed the U.S. embassy in Syria is causing tensions to rise significantly in the Middle East. Everywhere you turn there seems to be more bad news and large numbers of investors are getting closer to hitting the panic button. Hopefully things will cool down soon, because if not we could soon have another full-blown financial crisis on our hands.”

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

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the teleprompter (obama) ratchets up the fear mongering

The Fearmongering At The Top Begins: Obama Says “Can Not” Guarantee Social Security Payments Without A Debt Ceiling Hike
“It worked for Hank Paulson who showed up in Congress with a three page termsheet, delusions of grandeur, a scary story, and an easily frightened audience. Why should it not work for the president. As Reuters reports, “Barack Obama said in an interview on Tuesday that checks to recipients of the Social Security retirement program may not go out in early August if he and congressional leaders do not agree a debt deal. “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue,” Obama said in an interview with CBS, according to a transcript on the network’s web site. “Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it,” Obama said.” Is that so Mr. President? Please explain then how according to the most recent DTS the YTD (fiscal) amount paid out on Social Security is $469 billion, well below the amount collected from Federal Tax Deposits of $780 billion. As a comparison, this number is lower than the combination of Medicare and Medicaid ($638 billion YTD), and the combination of Defense and Education Payments ($480 billion). Indicatively, Federal salaries are a whopping $137.6 billion, or said otherwise, all of the SSN payments to date are just three times bigger than what the government pays its own employees. Perhaps a bigger issue is that the debt held by the public has increased by $720 billion YTD, a number which will soon grow to $1.5 trillion if the government does get debt hike it so desperately needs.”

Via Zero Hedge

Omaha Public Schools Spends $130K In Stimulus Money To Buy 8,000 “Social Justice” Manuals For Teachers, States Government “Channels Wealth To White People”

“The Omaha Public Schools used more than $130,000 in federal stimulus dollars to buy each teacher, administrator and staff member a manual on how to become more culturally sensitive.

The book by Virginia education consultants could raise some eyebrows with its viewpoints.

The authors assert that American government and institutions create advantages that “channel wealth and power to white people,” that color-blindness will not end racism and that educators should “take action for social justice.””

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Teachers Union Chief: “It’s Time To Stop Talking About The Importance Of Teacher Quality”…

“Hence the problem with the American Federation of Teachers union, it gives educators zero incentive to be more effective because they can’t be fired for it. I still believe the vast majority of teachers are fantastic, but it’s undeniable there is a sizable number who abuse their job security and we have their union to thank for it.”

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