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Wall Street Protests and the Economics of Ignorance

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How Fascism Kills the American Dream

October 7, 2011 1 comment

“Everyone knows that the term fascist is a pejorative, often used to describe any political position a speaker doesn’t like. There isn’t anyone around who is willing to stand up and say, “I’m a fascist; I think fascism is a great social and economic system.”

But I submit that if they were honest, the vast majority of politicians, intellectuals and political activists would have to say just that.

Fascism is the system of government that cartelizes the private sector, centrally plans the economy to subsidize producers, exalts the police state as the source of order, denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals and makes the executive state the unlimited master of society.

This describes mainstream politics in America today. And not just in America. It’s true in Europe, too. It is so much part of the mainstream that it is hardly noticed anymore.”

Via Whiskey and Gunpowder

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Be Prepared: 6 Foods to Store Forever

“In the event of a global food crisis, it is vital to be prepared. The key to preparedness is storing food that is easy to get a hold of, will last for several years or even decades, and is somewhat nutrient-dense. While it is always important to purchase high quality organic foods, in the event of a food crisis it is often essential to exercise your survival skills, which may mean it is hard to come across optimal food sources.”

Via Activist Post

Nearly half of U.S. households now get subsidies from the rest of us

“Most people who want smaller government are still putting their faith in electing politicians to shrink the size of government. Will you give up this fantasy when you find out that half of the population now gets some form of government benefit?

One of the points I keep making is that most people don’t want individual freedom and personal responsibility. They want a Nanny State to take care of things. To make matters worse, as more and more people get a check of some kind from that Nanny State, they’re happy to support coercion. Their only concern is increasing the amount of money they get, not reducing the size of the Nanny State.”

Via Davis McElroy

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The Top 100 Statistics About The Collapse Of The Economy That Every American Voter Should Know

“The U.S. economy is dying and most American voters have no idea why it is happening. Unfortunately, the mainstream media and most of our politicians are not telling the truth about the collapse of the economy. This generation was handed the keys to the greatest economic machine that the world has ever seen, and we have completely wrecked it. Decades of incredibly foolish decisions have left us drowning in an ocean of corruption, greed and bad debt. Thousands of businesses and millions of jobs have left the country and poverty is exploding from coast to coast. We are literally becoming a joke to the rest of the world. It is absolutely imperative that we educate America about what is happening. Until the American people truly understand the problems that we are facing, they will not be willing to implement the solutions that are necessary.”

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

Obama’s “Millionaire Tax” Collected Over Next Ten Years Will Plug 4 Months Worth Of Deficit

“In order to keep the ongoing class warfare waged by the administration in perspective, today the CBO was kind enough to score the revenue impact of the proposed and much debated Buffett Tax, now appearing in non-populist literature as “Surtax on Millionaires.” According to the Budget Office, said tax which is the source of substantial consternation among the population, would generate, over the next decade, a grand total of… drum roll… $453 billion. Why the drum roll? Because as we pointed out a few days ago, the US closed the 2011 fiscal year having added $1.23 trillion in debt (a number which would have been $1.4 trillion absent some year end settlement gimmickry). In other words, last year the US government had on average a $100+ billion deficit each month. In yet more other words, the great populist gimmick that is the Buffett Tax will have the great benefit of generating, between 2011 and 2021 enough money to plug a debt hole, at the rate America currently spends money, of 4 months.”

Via Zero Hedge

More unemployment numers info

Payrolls +103,000 Jobs , 444,000 Part-Time on Household Survey
“Here is an overview of September Jobs Report, today’s release.

US Payrolls +103,000
45,000 Striking Workers Return
Net effect is +58,000 jobs
US Unemployment Rate Flat at 9.1%
Participation Rate +.2 to 64.2%
Actual number of Employed (by Household Survey) rose by 398,000
Unemployment rose by 25,000
Those not in the labor force dropped by 224,000
Civilian population rose by 200,000,
Civilian Labor Force rose by 423,000
Average Weekly Workweek rose .1 hours to 34.3 hours
Average Private Hourly Earnings rose 3 Cents 10 $19.52
Government employment decreased by 34,000

Recall that the unemployment rate varies in accordance with the Household Survey not the reported headline jobs number, and not in accordance with the weekly claims data.”

“In the household survey there was a gain of 398,000 employed. However, the labor force rose by 423,000 explaining the flat unemployment rate. Of the 398,000 increase in employment, 444,000 were part-time jobs. This can be interpreted two ways. The first way is 46,000 full-time jobs were lost. The second way is 398,000 people who did not have a job, now have one. The correct interpretation depends on the status of those workers over time. My guess now is this is unusual seasonal strength and will not be repeated.”
Via MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis

Brief Note on the Unemployment Rate
“A year ago there were 8.6 million people who wanted a full-time job but could only find part-time work. Now there is 9.27 million.

In the last month, the number of people working part-time for economic reasons jumped by 444,000.

Part-time jobs are volatile but this is a huge jump.”

Via MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis

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US Needs To Generate 261,200 Jobs Per Month To Return To Pre-Depression Employment By End Of Obama Second Term

“Every few months we rerun an analysis of how many jobs the US economy has to generate to return to the unemployment rate as of December 2007 when the Great Financial Crisis started, by the end of Obama’s potential second term in November 2016. This calculation takes into account the historical change in Payroll and includes the 90,000/month natural growth to the labor force, and extrapolates into the future. And every time we rerun this calculation, the number of jobs that has to be created to get back to baseline increases: First it was 245,500 in April, then 250,000 in June, then 254,000 in July. As of today, following the just announced “beat” of meager NFP expectations, this number has has just risen to an all time high 261,200. This means that unless that number of jobs is created each month for the next 5 years, America will have a higher unemployment rate in October 2016 than it did in December 2007. How realistic is it that the US economy can create 16.2 million jobs in the next 62 months? We leave that answer up to the US electorate.”

Via Zero Hedge

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Grocery prices rise for 4th straight quarter

October 7, 2011 1 comment

“Retail food prices grew just over 2 percent during the third quarter of 2011, according to the Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s Marketbasket Survey.

The informal survey shows the total cost of 16 food items that can be used to prepare one or more meals was $50.55. It marked an increase of $1.06 or 2.1 percent from the $49.49 Marketbasket price in June, and $5.26 or 11.6 percent from one year ago.”

Via Fond du Lac Reporter

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103,000 jobs added in Sept, but nearly 1/2 were from returning Verizon strikers – UE rate still 9.1%

U.S. Payrolls Rise 103,000 in September, Jobless Rate 9.1%

“Payrolls climbed by 103,000 workers after a revised 57,000 increase the prior month that was more than originally estimated, Labor Department data showed today in Washington. The median forecast in a Bloomberg News survey called for a rise of 60,000. The gain reflected the return to work of 45,000 telecommunications employees. The jobless rate held at 9.1 percent. “

Via Bloomberg

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