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Federal judge: Blogger not entitled to media protections

December 8, 2011 3 comments

“A self-described “investigative blogger” has been ordered to hand over $2.5 million to an investment firm after a federal judge in Oregon ruled she was not a journalist and therefore not entitled to the legal protections afforded to them.

Crystal L. Cox of Montana was sued in January by the Obsidian Finance Group for defamation after she claimed the firm’s co-founder, Kevin Padrick, acted illegally during bankruptcy proceedings, according to the Associated Press. She posted that he was a “thug” and a “thief,” which she claims was based on an inside source.

But U.S. District Judge Marco A. Hernandez ruled that Cox was not protected by Oregon’s shield law, which allows journalists to protect their sources.”

Via Raw Story

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Mystery Company Is Rapidly Acquiring U.S. Gun and Ammo Manufacturers

December 8, 2011 2 comments

“Reports that a mysterious company has been buying up U.S. gun manufacturers have been popping up on the internet for several months. When we first learned of the possibility that a single company was rapidly acquiring companies like Bushmaster, Remington, and Marlin Firearms we immediately suspected that something was amiss. Apparently, we were not alone, because others were thinking the same thing.

One rumor that popped up was that global financier George Soros, historically an anti-gun advocate, was behind the moves, and that he was positioning the gun industry to reduce pro-gun lobbying efforts. This prompted the National Rifle Association to step in to assure American gun owners that this wasn’t a behind the scenes coup. “The owners and investors involved are strong supporters of the Second Amendment and are avid hunters and shooters,” the NRA said in a statement.”

Via SHTF Plan

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Gerald Celente: ‘IT’S FASCIST. CAN’T YOU SEE IT?”

The 50 Most Dangerous Liberals In America

“After less than two years of watching a far-Left administration and Congress show their contempt for the citizenry and pursue a radical agenda that only hyper-liberal-progressive voters could support, the nation woke up and realized the disaster highlighted by the 2008 election of Barack Obama: Liberals had been given way too much power.

Americans have witnessed with disgust the progressives’ efforts to tear at the very fabric of America.

We don’t want to “radically transform” the country.

We don’t want to reject our founding principles of liberty and limited government.

We love our Constitution and respect it.

The midterms were a rejection of the Left. But that’s where we must be careful — like a wounded animal, liberals are dangerous when exposed and backed into a corner.

Businessman and Billionaire Liberal Financier; Founder and Chairman of Open Society Foundations.

George Soros, the main “money bags” of the Left who is responsible for taking down entire economies on his own by betting against weak currencies, has a disturbing personal history. He grew up in a Jewish, yet anti-Semitic, home in Hungary during the Nazi occupation of Europe and calls it the happiest time of his life.”

Via Before It’s News

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Santa Forbidden to Say “Merry Christmas”

“On Sunday evening, my kids and I dropped into the Friendly’s in Sudbury for a post-Christmas-shopping-day treat. They got ice cream decorated with smiley-faces, and I got a few minutes of blessed relief from “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” blasting from the car’s CD player.

Suddenly the door at Friendly’s swings open and who to my wondering eyes should appear, but … SANTA! Perfect timing: Ice cream, kids and Santa Claus — what could be better on a December’s eve?

I watched as Santa, dressed in full regalia including the little Santa spectacles on his nose, worked his way from table to table, greeting the delighted children.

“Merry Christmas,” the kids cried.

“Happy Holidays,” Santa replied.”

Via Moon Battery

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Google Honors Corpulent Communist Diego Garcia

“Yesterday was Pearl Harbor Day, but the date didn’t warrant any special acknowledgment by Google, though the pricey private school Obama sends his kids to marked the occasion by serving Japanese food. Today, however, is special in Googleland. It’s the birthday of Mexican communist muralist Diego Garcia.”

Via Moon Battery

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All Hail The United States Of Germany? The Rest Of Europe Is Facing Either German Domination Or Financial Collapse

“It has now become very clear who dominates Europe. As European officials prepare to gather for one of the most important summits in EU history, it has become apparent that either the German plan for a new EU treaty is going to be adopted or there is not going to be a deal at all. Germany wants to impose strict new fiscal restraints on all of the eurozone nations. This would include a new 3 percent budget deficit rule with automatic sanctions on any violators. The European Court of Justice would be given power to decide whether or not an individual nation was complying with the 3 percent rule or not. A highly controversial new tax on all financial transactions is also being proposed, along with a number of other repressive new regulations that are designed to more tightly integrate Europe. Germany says that if all 27 EU nations are not willing to go along with a new treaty then it is prepared to strike an agreement with just the 17 nations that make up the eurozone. But not everyone is thrilled with what Germany is trying to do. Critics are saying that the German proposals (which are also being backed by the French) would mean a massive loss of sovereignty for most of the nations that make up the eurozone, and they would essentially turn the eurozone into “the United States of Germany”.”

Via End of the American Dream

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What Is The Best Country In The World For Americans To Relocate To In Order To Avoid The Coming Economic Collapse?

“Millions of American citizens have already left the United States in search of a better life. As the economy continues to crumble and as our society slowly falls apart, millions of others are thinking about it. But moving to another country is not something to be done lightly. The reality is that there are a vast array of social, cultural, economic and safety issues to be considered. If you have never traveled outside of North America, then you have no idea how incredibly different life in other parts of the world can be. For those that are unfamiliar with international travel, it can be quite a shock to suddenly be immersed in a foreign culture. In fact, no matter how experienced you are, choosing to relocate to a new country is never easy. But things have gone downhill so dramatically in the United States that picking up and moving to a foreign nation is being increasingly viewed as a viable alternative by millions of Americans. A lot of people have decided that they simply do not want to be in the United States when the excrement hits the fan. So what is the best country in the world for Americans to relocate to in order to avoid the coming economic collapse?”

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

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Jon Stewart on Indefinite Detention of Americans

See the video at Activist Post

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HeadLie: Withdrawing Your Money From Banks Will Make the Recession Worse

“In case you haven’t yet heard, the Greeks are quietly continuing with a run on their banking system, a situation we’ve reported on previously, and one that British EU minister Nigel Farage warned of just a few short months ago. Savings and time deposits have dropped 30% since the start of the year and almost 10% was withdrawn in just September and October. It’s not panic in the streets – not yet, at least – but it’s getting close.

Der Spiegel reports:

Many Greeks are draining their savings accounts because they are out of work, face rising taxes or are afraid the country will be forced to leave the euro zone. By withdrawing money, they are forcing banks to scale back their lending – and are inadvertently making the recession even worse.

This headline description for the Der Spiegel article suggests that it is the fault of the Greek people that the country’s recession – more appropriately, depression – continues to worsen.

Is Der Spiegel, essentially the German versions of the New York Times, suggesting that amid all of the chaos with Greek government bonds which are without a doubt in free fall, and the threat of a destabilizing (and potentially destroyed) Euro, account holders should put their trust in the very system that brought about this crisis?”

Via Lew Rockwell

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