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List of SOPA Supporters and Sponsors

“Special thanks to VodkaCranberry of Reddit for compiling this list. Unfortunately, this is only a short sample. The list is devastatingly huge. Please visit VC’s Google Doc which attempts to list all supporters. Please make an effort to call these companies and tell them that you are boycotting them due to their support for this legislation which will destroy the internet as we know it. Please, there’s not much time left.”

See the list at Boycott SOPA Sponsors

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You Won’t Believe How Corrupt, Lazy And Stinking Rich Our Congress Critters Have Become

“If our founding fathers could see the cesspool that the U.S. Congress has become today, they would roll over in their graves. Most Americans don’t realize this, but we already have a “part-time Congress”. Members of Congress only “work” a little over a third of the days on the calendar. The rest of the time they have off. It is no wonder why so many members of Congress are involved in so much corruption – they have so much free time on their hands that they are bound to get into trouble. Many members of Congress also use their positions of power and the information they learn during the course of their duties to become fabulously wealthy. At a time when incomes nationally are actually declining, our Congress critters are becoming stinking rich at a staggering pace. Yes, politics in America has always been a game that is funded and played by wealthy individuals, but things have gotten so extreme that it is hard to argue that average Americans have any control over Congress at all at this point. Instead of a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”, we now have a government “of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy”. If you doubt this, just keep on reading.”

Via End of the American Dream

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Why We Must Stop SOPA

“Right now, there are two pieces of legislation in Congress that would change the Internet forever if they are enacted. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) would give the federal government the ability to potentially shut down millions of websites. SOPA (the version being considered in the U.S. House of Representatives) is the more dangerous of the two. It would essentially be the equivalent of a nuclear bomb being dropped on the Internet. It would give government officials unlimited power to very rapidly shut down any website that is found to “engage in, enable or facilitate” copyright infringement. That language is very broad and very vague. Many fear that it will be used to shut down any websites that even inadvertently link to “infringing material”. Can you imagine a world where there is no more Facebook, Twitter or YouTube? Sites like those would be forced to hire thousands of Internet censors to make sure that no “infringing material” is posted, and many prominent websites may simply decide that allowing users to post content is no longer profitable and is just not worth the hassle. Are you starting to get the picture? That is why we must stop SOPA. If SOPA is enacted, it could be the death of the free Internet.”

Via End of the American Dream

40 Hard Questions That The American People Should Be Asking Right Now

“If you spend much time watching the mainstream news, then you know how incredibly vapid it can be. It is amazing how they can spend so much time saying next to nothing. There seems to be a huge reluctance to tackle the tough issues and the hard questions. Perhaps I should be thankful for this, because if the mainstream media was doing their job properly, there would not be a need for the alternative media. Once upon a time, the mainstream media had a virtual monopoly on the dissemination of news in the United States, but that has changed. Thankfully, the Internet in the United States is free and open (at least for now) and people that are hungry for the truth can go searching for it. Today, an increasing number of Americans want to understand why our economy is dying and why our national debt is skyrocketing. An increasing number of Americans are deeply frustrated with what is going on in Washington D.C. and they are alarmed that we seem to get closer to becoming a totalitarian police state with each passing year. People want real answers about our foreign policy, about our corrupt politicians, about our corrupt financial system, about our shocking moral decline and about the increasing instability that we are seeing all over the world, and they are not getting those answers from the mainstream media.”

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

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Cops Strip Man Naked Then Pepper Spray Him To Death

” Did Tampa-area police tie down, pepper-spray, and eventually kill a disturbed man who was arrested for public intoxication?

That’s the account and accusation relayed by Over two years ago, 62-year-old Ohioan Nick Christie was detained for public intoxication while on a trip in the Tampa, Florida area.

The man’s wife asked that he be taken to the hospital, but Lee County cops allegedly decided instead to “strip Christie naked, tie him to a chair, cover his face, and then pepper spray him repeatedly, until he died.”

His death was ruled a homicide because he was restrained and repeatedly pepper-sprayed by law enforcement officers. But to this day, no one has been charged with a crime, and the state attorney cleared the sheriff’s office of criminal fault in the case.”

Via Before It’s News

I-40 in Arkansas Being Used as Military Staging Point for Future Event?

“The Intel Hub has received multiple tips that indicate that Interstate 40 in Arkansas is possibly being used as a loading point for some sort of military operation that has been going on for a better part of a year.

Eyewitness report:

Not a trucker, but regularly on the transportation hub of I-40 in Arkansas. I’ve been watching truck after truck loaded with military equipment on this stretch for the better part of a year.

It’s mostly humvees with gun turrets and what appears to be urban assault vehicles and troop transports. They all have gun turrets and some sort of shield on the front that holds a weapon.

The thing that struck me was that some are desert colored but most are traditional camouflage. Just wondering where we are sending all of these vehicles if we are supposedly winding down wars.

After responding to this tip, the eyewitness further stated:

Anyone traveling the stretch of 40 between Memphis and Little Rock sees this every time they travel.

They all seem to be fitted for urban warfare rather than battle equipped. I travel a lot of interstates and, in our are of the country, you seem to see this on East/West roads. I really don’t see a lot on I-55. “

Via Activist Post

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UK to close borders, evacuate expats if euro collapses

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Nanny of the Year (2011)

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Don’t Mess with Firefly! How SciFi Fans Made a Campus Safe for Free Speech

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Marine shot three times in street robbery survives… by plugging bullet holes with his fingers

“A U.S. Marine officer has told the incredible story of how he survived a street robbery by plugging bullet holes in his body with his fingers.

Lieutenant Colonel Karl Trenker, 29, of Miramar, Florida, was shot three times as he confronted two men who had stolen a gold chain from him.

He said he used his battlefield training from Afghanistan and Iraq to stem blood from chest wounds by shoving his finger into the gaping wound.”

“’I knew I was shot,’ he said. ‘I just didn’t know I was shot that many times.’

‘I put my fingers in the holes to stop the bleeding and ran back to the truck and told my kids I had been shot, but not to worry.’

Lt Colonel Trenker added: ‘I go to Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times, and I haven’t been shot or blown up, and I’m here at home in Florida.”

Via Daily Mail

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