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Plundering the American Dream: College Students Demonstrate the Idiocy Of Our Education System

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“Economics Professor Jack Chambless of Valencia College in Florida had his sophomore students write a short essay on what the American dream means to them and what, specifically, they wanted the federal government to do to help them achieve that dream.

The results demonstrate the sheer magnitude of the idiocy of a public education system dead set on indoctrination rather than education:”

I took the essays from three classes – about 180 students…

About 10% of the students said they wanted the government to leave them alone and not tax them too much and let them regulate their own lives.

But over 80% of the students said that the American dream to them meant a job, a house, and plenty of money for retirement and vacations and things like this. When it came to the part about the federal government, eight out of ten students said they wanted free health care, they wanted the government to pay for their tuition, they wanted the government to pay for the down payment on their house, they expected the government to, quote, “give them a job.” Many of them said they wanted the government to tax wealthier individuals so that they would have an opportunity to have a better life.

“The following is an excerpt from one of the non-sensical essays written by a student of Professor Chambless:”

“As human beings, we are not really responsible for our own acts, and so we need government to control those who don’t care about others.”

Via SHTF Plan

Gerald Celente on the NDAA and more

Obama’s Historic Firsts

“Doug Ross over at Dougross@journal has compiled the complete list of Obama firsts, demonstrating that President Obama has indeed succeeded in making history.

And making a mess.

Here’s a few of the best. You can read the entire list here.

• First President to Preside Over a Cut to the Credit Rating of the United States Government

• First President to Violate the War Powers Act

• First President to Orchestrate the Sale of Murder Weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels

• First President to Require All Americans to Purchase a Product From a Third Party

• First President to Abrogate Bankruptcy Law to Turn Over Control of Companies to His Union Supporters”

Via White House Dossier

See the whole ugly list at Doug Ross

Elections and the Illusions of Choice

“The political season has unleashed its predictable frenzy, much to delight of people who make a living off it. But to what end? There are only two types of politicians who end up holding office, wrote H.L. Mencken: “first, glorified mob-men who genuinely believe what the mob believes, and secondly, shrewd fellows who are willing to make any sacrifice of conviction and self-respect in order to hold their jobs.”

The about sums it up. The plus side of elections is that sometimes the debates, discussions, candidates and parties raise fundamental questions about what kind of society we want to live in. That’s the best we can hope for.

But there is a downside to all this hullabaloo: It gives the impression that the mere existence of the electoral process gives “we the people” a fundamental choice about the kind of state we want. This is not true. The politicians we elect are veneers or facades. They are bandits, but they do not constitute what is called the state. This goes for just about every developed state in the world for the last 200 years.”

Via Whiskey and Gunpowder

Former Secret Service Boss Proposes Global Email Fusion Center

“Ronald Noble – the former head of the Secret Service, the BATF, and secretary general of Interpol – wants to create a fusion center with the ability to track and trace your email.

Noble says that although there is no known threat posed against the Olympics planned for 2012 in London, the State needs a fusion center to make sure.

“A smart terrorist would know that if the world’s attention is focused on something and they commit a terrorist act it will help them create the kind of fear that would make people want to leave London,” Noble told The Independent before visiting Scotland Yard to discuss arrangements for the Games.

“My concern is that the people planning that attack – that nuclear attack, that bio-terrorist attack, that attack that should concern us all as a world – would be able to plan it more effectively because we don’t have a network in place for tracing the source of email messages on the internet,” he said.”

Via Activist Post

DHS Officers Armed With Semiautomatics Set Up Unannounced ID Checkpoint

“Residents of Leesburg, Florida were shocked to see their local Social Security office turned into a random Homeland Security checkpoint Tuesday morning, as DHS officers armed with semiautomatic rifles and accompanied by sniffer dogs checked identifications of locals.

“With their blue and white SUVs circled around the Main Street office, at least one official was posted on the door with a semiautomatic rifle, randomly checking identifications. And other officers, some with K-9s, sifted through the building,” reports the Daily Commercial.”

Via Info Wars

Selling the Republic with Money from Taxpayer Bailouts

“Can someone please explain how on earth after nearly 4 years of Main Street misery, countless dollars being spent to “rescue,” and an economy that has been gutted by a group of Institutions who to date have cost the tax payers of this nation billions in direct bailouts and trillions in debt, now on the books as sovereign debt, are these institutions not only still “too big,” but are about to once again buy ultimate influence in our “election” process?

Institutions such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citibank, and Bank of America spent millions pre-crisis buying influence. In a free market system, some, if not all, of these companies would not exist after leading the country to the brink, yet here they are, ready to contribute to those who will make sure their elite systemic nature remains the status quo.”

Via Activist Post

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Obama’s new Pentagon strategy: strip benefits and buy more weapons

“Pensions and health care plans for US troops will be drastically reduced under a new budget presented by US President Barack Obama on Thursday. Not all aspects of the DoD will be annihilated, however.

The DoD will ditch medical benefits for troops but continue to spend on its expensive arsenal of doom.

President Obama joined Defense Secretary Leon Panetta from the Pentagon early Thursday in a rare public address from the two to talk changes made to the ledger in regards to the operation of the US military. As the US begins to scale back on foreign operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Obama administration is finding less of a need for the servicemen and women that have been on the battlefronts for the last decade. In order to cut costs, the new budget will thus eliminate positions from the armed forces and initiate changes to the pension and health care plans for military vets.”


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FBI allowed to add GPS device to cars without warrants

“The Supreme Court will soon weigh in on whether law enforcement agencies can monitor your every move without you knowing — and without a warrant. In Missouri, however, one judge isn’t waiting to find out their word.

US Magistrate Judge David Noce ruled last week in favor of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and determined that the FBI did not need a warrant in order to affix a GPS device to the car of a St. Louis man.

Fred Robinson, 69, was accused of collecting $175,000 in compensation while on the payroll of the St. Louis City Treasurer’s Office. Authorities alleged that Robinson held a position in name only and actually avoided going into the office. To prove this, law enforcement agents didn’t just ask around City Hall or dispatch a few officers to go speak with staffers. Instead, the FBI installed a GPS device on Robinson’s car without ever notifying him or asking permission.

The US Supreme Court will decide later this year if such action is allowable without obtaining a warrant. In the interim, Judge Noce says it is just fine.

In his ruling, Judge Noce cited an earlier call from the Eighth Circuit Court that determined, “’when police have reasonable suspicion that a particular vehicle is transporting drugs, a warrant is not required when, while the vehicle is parked in a public place, they install a non-invasive GPS tracking device on it for a reasonable period of time.” In the case of Robinson, that is exactly what agents did.

Or so they claim.”


More employers demand: no smoking — at work or anytime.

Working and smoking

“As bans on smoking sweep the USA, an increasing number of employers — primarily hospitals — are also imposing bans on smokers. They won’t hire applicants whose urine tests positive for nicotine use, whether cigarettes, smokeless tobacco or even patches.

Such tobacco-free hiring policies, designed to promote health and reduce insurance premiums, took effect this month at the Baylor Health Care System in Texas and will apply at the Hollywood Casino in Toledo, Ohio, when it opens this year.”

Via USA Today

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