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The Prez promotes his pet ‘Razist’

“Cecilia Munoz, now director of intergovernmental affairs at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., will serve as head of the Domestic Policy Council. She’ll wield heightened influence at Obama’s morning briefings and expand her reach from immigration issues to education, health care and beyond.

Gushing headlines heralded the pick of Obama’s top Hispanic civil-rights “advocate” as a win for the “middle class.” But Munoz is a veteran lobbyist whose former group is reaping a taxpayer-funded windfall as she climbs the government ladder.

Before joining Team Obama, Munoz spent two decades as chief registered lobbyist for the National Council of La Raza (“The Race”). Whose “middle class” does La Raza represent? I’ve tracked the radical identity politics-driven group for years as it promoted drivers’ licenses and in-state college-tuition breaks for illegal aliens; opposed cooperative immigration-enforcement efforts between local, state and federal authorities; and opposed a secure fence along the southern border.

Under Munoz, La Raza advised the Mexican government on how to lobby for illegal-alien amnesty here. Mexico’s Institute for Mexicans Residing Abroad rewarded her with its Ohtli Prize for her service. “

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Keiser Report: Wall Street Gangsta!

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Obama Aides Knew Solyndra Planned 2010 Layoffs, E-Mails Show

“The Obama administration knew before the 2010 election that Solyndra LLC, a solar-panel maker that received a $535 million U.S. loan guarantee, planned to fire workers, according to e-mails released today.

The messages don’t indicate that anyone from the White House directed Solyndra to delay announcing the layoffs until after the vote. Previously released e-mails, indicating the Energy Department urged Solyndra to postpone the cuts, have been cited by House Republicans who say politics influenced Solyndra’s award and last-ditch rescue bid that put taxpayers behind $75 million in private investment.

“Here’s the deal — Solyndra is going to announce they are laying off 200 of their 1200 workers,” Heather Zichal, a White House adviser, wrote to Carol Browner, then director of the office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, and other officials on Oct. 27, 2010. “No es bueno.” “

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Edible Plants, Part 5: Allergic Reactions from Plants and Mushroom Identification

“Sometimes a wilderness scenario it isn’t always about “survival” but rather about testing your survivability, or training your skills. This article is more about not being ridiculous. Sure, test yourself, build your skills and use them to their maximum levels if you are ever in a real survival situation, but forget the idea that you can reverse the effects of an allergic reaction or survive on mushrooms in the wild when you don’t really know what the differences are.

Firstly, an allergic reaction is a real life situation that does not take into account that you are tough or smart or lucky. Well, maybe if you’re lucky. When an allergic reaction occurs, there is a high likelihood you will have extended concerns, if not potential death. You cannot expect to last a day with an extreme allergic reaction. There are few (if any) natural remedies for allergic reactions that are easily available and effective enough to standalone against anything more than the mildest reactions.”

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John Bush Returns to Austin City Council After Being Banned to Point Out the Gun in the Room

Bam! Bam! Bam! Huge Financial Bombs Just Got Dropped All Over Europe

“The European debt crisis has just gone to an entirely new level. Just when it seemed like things may be stabilizing somewhat, we get news of huge financial bombs being dropped all over Europe. Very shortly after U.S. financial markets closed on Friday, S&P announced credit downgrades for nine European nations. This included both France and Austria losing their cherished AAA credit ratings. When the credit rating of a country gets slashed, that is a signal to investors that they should start demanding higher interest rates when they invest in the debt of that nation. Over the past year it has become significantly more expensive for many European nations to borrow money, and these new credit downgrades certainly are certainly not going to help matters. Quite a few financially troubled nations in Europe are very dependent on the ability to borrow huge piles of cheap money, and as debt becomes more expensive that is going to push many of them over the edge. Yesterday I wrote about 22 signs that we are on the verge of a devastating global recession, and unfortunately that list just got a whole lot longer.”

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

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