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SOPA and PIPA bills could threaten natural health websites with government-ordered shutdown

“On Wednesday, January 18, 2012, went “dark” to protest SOPA, the “Stop Online Piracy Act” that is actually a thinly-veiled government censorship effort. We are also protesting PIPA, the “Protect IP Act,” which is similarly destructive in its effects. You may have arrived at this page from our mock “seizure” index page which depicts what might happen if SOPA becomes law.

This is crucial for all NaturalNews readers and fans to understand: If SOPA becomes law, will be shut down. In fact, the proposed law contains a specific provision — section 105 — which allows the U.S. government to shut down websites it claims “endanger public health.””

Via Natural News

Keiser Report: Economics of Suicide, SOPA and more

Blackout Wednesday: The Time Has Come

“Wikipedia, that ever-evolving monument to human collaboration in the cause of global enlightenment, goes completely black tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 18. The blackout is a choice, and a brilliant one, made by founder Jimmy Wales in consultation with the whole Wikipedia community. It is a protest, a statement, a symbolic warning to the world of what can happen if governments attack the free flow of information.

The online protest is directed, in particular, against two bills roiling around Congress right now, called SOPA in the House and PIPA in the Senate. Early versions have been tabled. The Obama administration has said that it opposes the current versions, but the opposition was weak and suspiciously nuanced.”

Via Whiskey and Gun Powder

Decentralization Is The Only Plausible Economic Solution Left

“The great lie that drives the fiat global financial locomotive forward is the assumption that there is no other way of doing things. Many in America believe that the U.S. dollar (a paper time-bomb ready to explode) is the only currency we have at our disposal. Many believe that the corporate trickle down dynamic is the only practical method for creating jobs. Numerous others have adopted the notion that global interdependency is a natural extension of “progress”, and that anyone who dares to contradict this fallacy is an “isolationist” or “extremist”. Much of our culture has been conditioned to support and defend centralization as necessary and inevitable primarily because they have never lived under any other system. Globalism has not made the world smaller; it has made our minds smaller.”

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Confiscation and Inflation

STOP SOPA!!!!! Help stop the threat to freedom, contact your congress critter today!

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1 Million to Recall Walker, What It Means

“First, the petition process was riddled with fraud and tainted with questionable ethics at several points. Early in the process the Soros-funded One Wisconsin Now encouraged those opposed to Walker to sign recall petitions multiple times. Although not necessarily an illegal act (unless there is the specific intent to commit fraud), signing a petition multiple times does raise questions about how best to properly calculate the true number of signature since, in theory and according to state law, only the first signature will count. Even the Government Accountability Board’s announcement that it will use software to help catch duplicates, though a step in the right direction, doesn’t promise to catch every or even most of those kinds of errors.

When a Milwaukee man proudly said he signed recall petitions 80 times as a way of getting back at Republicans who, he believes, stole the 2000 election in Florida, he proved just how error prone the process can be.

Second, just how many signatures will actually be verified and counted appears up in the air. Democrats and United Wisconsin, the liberal front group that ran the petition process, have not released a hard total of signatures. Instead, they have simply stuck to a vague “more than a million” statistic. There is no doubt that they have gathered over a million signatures, but how many will be legitimate signatures remains to be seen. It is no small irony that Democrats do not have confidence in stating any particular statistic after their own self-verification process. That process was designed to weed out particularly blatant errors that could prove an embarrassment to the effort. Maybe they believe their own efforts were not as thorough as they would have outsiders believe.”

Via Big Government

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The U.S. is on a Suicide Watch

“What binds together the financial problems of the West is the common thread of infantile behavior and thought. One might call it wishful thinking. Instead of encouraging people to provide for old age and possible illness, politicians decided to turn government into Big Daddy, the eternal source of money for everything.

Need to go to college, start a business, or plan for retirement? Government would be there to help. All this ignored the need to actually pay for these programs. In the case of Social Security Congress began to dip into its funding to pay for other programs! This is what children do. “

Via Canada Free Press

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Unsolvable Insolvency

“Time and time again, Europe solves its debt problems… and every time they don’t get solved at all.

Italian bond yields are edging back up. And Greece is negotiating a default. They want to avoid a naked, noisy default…so they are dressing it up as “voluntary” or ‘soft.’ But they can’t disguise the fact that Greece has bills it can’t pay. On the 20th of March it needs to come up with 14.4 billion euros, followed by billions more in the months following. That is more than 6% of national GDP. It would be as though the US had to pay a trillion dollars.

Where’s the money to come from? The European Central Bank? The IMF? The Germans? Maybe. But little by little, even the fixers are beginning to realize that this is a problem than can’t be fixed with Band-Aids and bailouts. Greece has too much debt. About 100 billion euros worth of it will have to go away or the country will never be solvent.”

Via Daily Reckoning

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Doctor Doom Warns: “World War III Will Occur In the Next Five Years”

“Well known economist, trend forecaster and Gloom, Boom and Doom Report publisher Dr. Marc Faber joined some of the world’s leading investment minds at the Barron’s 2012 Roundtable to discuss what’s in store for 2012 and beyond with respect to the economy, inflation, political stability and a host of other issues.

As is generally the case, Dr. Faber doesn’t mince words and warns that, despite what happens in the near term, the end game is global conflict.”

Via SHTF Plan


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