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You Think Energy Prices Are Painful Now…?

“The president would have us believe that the rise in gas prices in the United States is just a factor of the international oil market, and that is certainly true — gas prices in Europe are shooting up, as well: in Britain, gas jumped to an average $8.06/gallon in the past month. Progessives would have Americans believe that this is a good excuse for us to shut up and take the price hikes…after all, Europe has high prices (and everything Europe is rad…the kid, they still say, “rad”, right?)

Wrong. Part of the reason for the spike is greater demand in the developing nations — China and India. Part of it is the usual speculation and market gambling over the latest Iranian posturing and the idiotic response from the United States over the Straits of Hormuz. But quite a bit of it has to do with the current administration’s policies, which are choking American production.”

Via Scott Rhymer

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