Ten Ways The US Is Worse Than It Was In 1947

“Dr. Gary North is an icon in the Austro-libertarian world, and writes more in a day than most will write in their lifetimes. The majority of what he says is excellent and it is well worth your time listening to whatever he has to say.

In his recent article, entitled, “Why We Are Not On The Road to Serfdom“, however, he takes a slightly different perspective than we do on the state of liberty in the USSA. Dr. North makes many good points and tries to lay out the case that we should be optimistic about the future because the US Government is on the verge of financial collapse. He opens his argument with the following statement: “the federal government is no deeper into our pockets than it was in 1947,” and presents us with the following chart:”

Via Whiskey and Gunpowder

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