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I Was Right To Have No Faith In the Justices

“The Supreme Court found 5-4 the mandate constitutional as a tax. Not a normal tax, but one that has to be collected by private industry. The new health care law will greatly increase the scope and power of the Internal Revenue Service, and with that will come the usual increase in abuse of power. The law will close the door to small business expanding — or at the very least seriously hamper their ability to grow past 49 people. You will lose your nice health care, as businesses drop you in favor of the cheaper (for them) federal purveyors. You health care will suffer — ask any VA patient how good their service is.

Have no doubt: this just killed any chance of an economic recovery, which is what the Progressive ticks feeding off of us want. They want to kill the host and create a new one in which their position, authority, and removal from responsibility are enshrined.”

Via Scott Rhymer

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