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CA teachers union kills bill that would have made it easier to fire child molesters

Defeat of Calif. teacher bill shows union power

“Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa slammed it as “cynical political manipulation,” Los Angeles schools Superintendent John Deasy termed it shameful, but for the California Teachers Association, it was a victory.

The defeat Wednesday of a proposed law that would have made it easier for school districts to fire teachers in cases of sexual and other egregious misconduct has shone a spotlight on the strong sway of the California Teachers Association, widely considered the state’s most politically influential labor union with more than 325,000 members.

SB 1530 had previously sailed through the Senate, but ran into a stepped up lobbying effort by the CTA at Wednesday’s hearing of the Assembly Education Committee. Teachers from around the state travelled to Sacramento to testify, successfully arguing that the bill violated teachers’ right to due process.

The bill garnered five votes. It needed six to exit committee to head to the Assembly floor.

“Clearly, they have a powerful voice,” said a disappointed Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Pacoima, who authored the bill. “It made an impact.”

Padilla introduced the bill earlier this year, spurred by the case of a veteran teacher at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles who was arrested in January on 32 lewd conduct charges involving school children.

Prosecutors say Mark Berndt blindfolded students and fed them his semen by spoon and smeared on cookies in what he told them was a “tasting game.”
He has pleaded not guilty. “

Via Mercury News

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