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A Close-Up Look At The 2012 Drought

“Let’s take a look at what’s really going on with this growing season, the drought, and the extremely high temperatures. I posted a comment on Facebook the other day about drought conditions and some smart-aleck said “So? We lived through them before, we’ll live through them again.” I do not want anyone to panic,–this is a panic-free zone, remember, but for this lady to make such a flippant comment concerns me for a couple of reasons…where there’s one there are many who also have this laissez faire attitude and that’s dangerous—very dangerous—because this drought is most assuredly not like anything we’ve EVER lived through and today I’m going to tell you why.

This past week I was attending a medical preparedness oriented education event and I took pages and pages of notes. However, one speaker caught me particularly off-guard. He works for a university in Kansas. Part of what they do is evaluate the farm production all over the U.S. (with drones, if you can believe that!). I can’t believe how sophisticated the equipment is that they have nowadays. Just by taking some scans from some satellites they can tell you how healthy the crops are, what kind of nutritional content they contain and the level of moisture. Apparently the USDA and other official initialed entities rely on this university for appropriate crop prediction numbers. Well the bad news is, these scans are telling a gloomy story.”

Via Alt Market

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