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Debauchery and Hypocrisy to Take Center Stage at DNC

“Fresh on the heels of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, the Democratic wing of the one-party bird is set to begin their own three-day circus party in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. As is the case every year, both parties either have or will be accompanied with the symbols of freedom that every American has come to know and love – militarized police, random checkpoints, warrantless searches, and a virtual lockdown of the entire area surrounding the convention.

Of course, while the average person who lives, works, and produces in the general area is subjected to, at best, a major inconvenience of their daily routine and, at worst, a gross violation of their Constitutional rights under a police state crackdown, many of the more upscale attendees of the DNC will enjoy what amounts to royal immunity as they skirt about town and partake of some of the finest women (or men) and drugs that money can buy.

The difference between the 2012 DNC and all the others, however, is the openness in which both the revelry and police state will take place. For instance, even the local Charlotte media is openly publishing articles about the annual powder party known as the DNC.”

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19 Signs That Israel And Iran Are On The Verge Of War

“There is going to be war in the Middle East. It is just a matter of time until it happens. Israel has decided that there is no way that it can ever allow Iran to develop the capability to build nuclear weapons. Iran has gone “all-in” on developing a nuclear program and it has become a matter of national pride at this point. Iran does not fear an Israeli attack against its nuclear program. In fact, Iran anticipates that an Israeli attack would cause the Islamic nations of the Middle East to come together and declare war against Israel. Sadly, there is a very strong chance that an Israeli attack on Iran would actually spark a larger regional war. But there is no way that Israel is going to allow Iran to develop the capability to build nuclear weapons, and time for a strike may be running out. It has become quite clear that the Obama administration does not want to strike Iran. So if Israel wants to do something about Iran, Israel is going to have to be the one to do it. But if Obama wins the U.S. election in November, he might work to actively block Israel from attacking Iran for his entire second term, and the Israelis believe that by 2016 it will be way too late to do anything about Iran’s nuclear program. If Israel attacks before the election, Obama would be in danger of appearing to be “anti-Israel” if he came out against the attack. And considering the fact that Jewish voters are a key voting block in swing states such as Florida that is not something he would want to do. But after the election Obama would not have to worry about what Jewish voters think. After the election Obama could move to block an attack on Iran indefinitely.”

Via End of the American Dream

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Economic Failure: 58 Percent Of The Jobs Being Created Are Low Paying Jobs

“Are you good at flipping burgers , waiting tables or stocking shelves? Are you proficient with a cash register? Do you enjoy doing mindless work for very low pay? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are probably going to fit in very well in the new U.S. economy. According to a report that has just been released by the National Employment Law Project, 58 percent of the jobs that have been created since the end of the recession have been low paying jobs. So exactly what is a low paying job? Well, the National Employment Law Project defines it as a job with an hourly wage between $7.69 and $13.83. But of course you can’t pay a mortgage or support a family on $13.83 an hour. Even if you got full-time hours the entire year, you would make less than $28,000 on an annual basis. The federal poverty level for a family of five is $27,010. So needless to say, most of these new jobs are not paying enough to support a middle class lifestyle. This represents an economic failure on a fundamental level. Our economy is producing very few good jobs that enable people to be able to raise families and live the American Dream. The ranks of “the working poor” are exploding and the number of Americans that are dependent on the government is sitting at an all-time record. Sadly, if current trends continue things are going to get a lot worse.”

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

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Federal Budget Visualized

“One hundred million dollars is a lot of money. At the average US price, it can buy over 500 homes. Here’s what it looks like stacked up on a pallet in $100 bills:”

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Obama’s Next Act: Repealing the First Amendment

“In his first term, Obama raised the national debt by $5 trillion, seized control of the healthcare sector on behalf of the federal government, and seized control of General Motors on behalf of the tumor that has been killing it, the UAW. How could he top this in a second term? How about by officially repealing the First Amendment?”

President Barack Obama called for restrictions to be put on political speech during a Wednesday “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” session on the website Reddit, an Internet link-sharing community.

Obama proposed a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010, which held that unlimited campaign-related expenditures by individuals or groups were protected under the First Amendment. …

Obama also called on Congress to pass the Disclose Act, which would require any organization that spends more than $10,000 on election-related activities to disclose all of its donors who have contributed more than $10,000.

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EPA Funnels American Taxpayer Money to Communist Chinese

“Our leftist rulers must feel that interest payments on the gargantuan debt they’ve run up aren’t sufficient to finance the military buildup by their ideological compadres in communist China; the Environmental Protection Agency (aka Employment Prevention Agency) is funneling our money directly to the ChiComs in the name of “green energy”:”

The Obama EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, who launched an enormously expensive program to make America’s minority communities green, has sent millions of taxpayer dollars to environmental causes in nations overseas, including China, Russia and India.

These foreign nations are experiencing economic growth while millions of Americans suffer from joblessness, losing their homes due to foreclosures, and watching their health care being transformed into another government entitlement program, according to political activist Joshua Tallis.

“Ranking members of the U.S. Congress Energy Committee called the program “foreign handouts” amid record deficits, soaring unemployment and a looming debt ceiling in the U.S. The money — $27 million since 2009 — has been issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is headed by Ms. Jackson,” Tallis said.

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One-Third of 25-34 Year Olds Still Live With Their Parents

“According to a study released this month by Ohio State University, almost one-third of 25- to 34-year-olds are living at home with their parents. “There are more adult Americans age 34 or younger sleeping in their childhood bedrooms now than at any other time in the past 30 years”. Earlier this week Congressman Paul Ryan had a line in his acceptance speech at the GOP Convention referencing this exact problem. However, not all of these 20-somethings feel that it is a problem. Many say they are happy with their choices.

They cite the high jobless rates, low wages, and high housing costs as reasons to move back in with mom and dad. For a few though, this is part of a larger cultural shift where people are getting married later and don’t feel the need to leave home so early.

There is a good side to this news though, many of these young adults are paying rent or assisting with household expenses. They may not be out on their own, but they simply aren’t freeloading.

Many of these couch crashers have also said this is a great way to save money for the future. Several of them said they had friends who invested in a home before the housing bubble burst and are now unable to sell their homes without major losses. “

Via Town Hall

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‘See Something, Say Something’ Used to Round Up Truthers?

I was awoken very early to pounding on my door. Armed thugs from various government agencies were there to greet me, along with my parents of all people. They explained they were there to collect me for mental evaluation.

I immediately thought of the former Marine who was disappeared for his “revolutionary” and “truther” posts on the Internet and thrown into a psych ward. Somebody saw something in his writings that appeared threatening and reported him to the authorities.

Since my blog covers many of the same issues this Marine was ranting about, there was a fleeting thought that this could happen to me one day as well. But since I don’t own a weapon and I publicly denounce violence in all its forms, including and most especially the kind of violence that is now occurring to me on my front porch, I was never too concerned.

It didn’t seem to matter to these goons that I professed peace and non-violence from every fiber of my being. They have never read my blog and they were just following orders.

I tried to reason with them that I was perfectly sane and not a threat to anyone, while my parents watched on with tears in their eyes. Yet, it wasn’t the type of sadness that their child was being abducted by an army against his will. Rather, it was the look of extreme disappointment that I was somehow confirming my insanity with my defense.”

Via Activist Post

8 Ways to Improve Society Without the Political Process

“When a problem occurs or when something is wrong we have traditionally been conditioned to find someone who is “in charge”, a final arbiter of decision making who will have all of the answers and know all of the right things to say and do.

Typically, those who have found themselves “in charge” are no more qualified or knowledgeable than those who are not, yet nonetheless these false prophets continue to swindle generation after generation of people.

The worst thing about this whole situation is that these so called “authorities” maintain a monopoly on problem solving, meaning they are really the only ones who are allowed to solve problems. Thus over time people begin to believe that those in authority are the only ones who are actually capable of solving problems, when in reality, they are no more qualified than anyone else.

If we apply this understanding to the realm of government, it is not difficult to see that the current system of electoral politics is not an effective or moral way for people to actually create meaningful change in their communities and the planet as a whole. Year after year, administration after administration the faces change, but the oppression continues to escalate.

Even if your vote is actually counted, which it probably isn’t, it still won’t matter who wins in the end anyway because they are all going to carry out the exact same policies with just slightly rhetoric behind them. It should be obvious by now that this system is not only inherently corrupt, but is also failing miserably and currently in the process of collapse. “

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Spain: For Whom The Bell Now Tolls

“It was not so long ago that I spoke at the “Strategic Forum” which was sponsored in part by TD bank. After my presentation about Europe where I had stated, quite clearly, that Spain would hit the wall I found myself accosted by the economist of one of Spain’s major banks. Fortunately Craig Alexander, the senior economist at TD, was walking next to me and as the quite impolite lady from Spain tried to verbally incase me in the famous “iron lady” of the Spanish Inquisition he grabbed my arm and led me out to the patio to speak with some other people and so saved me from not only the diatribe of the loca senorita but from saying several impolite things which I was about to say in retort. As I consider the latest data about Spain I think of this incident and take some delight in saying, “I told you so” or other things inadmissible in my commentary.

To use the analogy offered by Senor Cervantes I would say that Rodrigo, as representing Spain, is about to be devoured by the snakes. The central bank of Spain just released the net capital outflow numbers and they are disastrous. During the month of June alone $70.90 billion left the Spanish banks and in July it was worse at $92.88 billion which is 4.7% of total bank deposits in Spain. For the first seven months of the year the outflow adds up to $368.80 billion or 17.7% of the total bank deposits of Spain and the trajectory of the outflow is increasing dramatically. Reality is reality and Spain is experiencing a full-fledged run on its banks whether anyone in Europe wants to admit it or not.

The Spanish ten year now yields a 6.81% and their thirty year is yielding 7.34%. Spain has now set up a fund for its regions to tap of $22.6 billion and this, in my opinion, will not even be close to what is asked for or required with the regions needing some $50-75 billion in assistance in my estimation. Many of the regions in Spain are not paying suppliers or their other local debts and the situation is clearly out of control.”

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