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USDA to allow U.S. to be overrun with contaminated chicken from China

“The USDA has announced its intention to allow China-grown chicken meat to be imported into the USA. “The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has announced that China is eligible to export processed, cooked chicken to the United States,” says an official announcement on the USDA website.

The announcement goes on to ridiculously claim that the USDA “has determined that China’s poultry processing inspection system is equivalent to that of the United States, and cooked chicken imported from China would be processed under equivalent conditions as in the United States.”

This statement holds about as much water as Obama’s claim that “you can keep your health plan if you like it.” It’s a lie, in other words, and everybody knows it.”

Via Natural News

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USDA set to approve poultry raised/slaughtered in China for US consumption

Schumer: Chicken Slaughtered, Raised In China Could Pose Major Risk

“Chicken from China has officials on alert, including U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.)

As WCBS 880’s Jim Smith reported Sunday, Schumer said first, the U.S. Department of Agriculture only allowed chickens that had been processed in China to be sold in the U.S. Now, he said the USDA plans to green-light poultry raised and slaughtered in China.”

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GMO Labeling Defeated In Washington State Due To Millions From Big Food

“An initiative that would have made Washington state the first to require the labeling of genetically modified (GMO) food appears headed for defeat, a stunning turnaround for a proposal that led in polls by double digits just a month ago.

Initiative 522 trailed 55-45 percent and faced a 100,000 vote deficit according to the secretary of state’s website, although the final results might not be known for several days because of the state’s vote-by-mail election. Voters could place ballots in the mail even on Election Day, and as many as 300,000 votes in King County – which I-522 supporters counted as a stronghold – had yet to be counted.

Opponents of I-522 said they had won, but supporters of I-522 said it was still too close to call.

“Thank you to everyone who voted, volunteered, donated, and supported this effort,” Delana Jones, campaign manager for Yes on 522, said in a statement. “Due to Washington State’s vote-by-mail system, we don’t have a final tally of the votes tonight.””

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Prehistoric Clues Might Offer Answers to Modern Day Bee Die-Off

“A first-grade field trip to one of the top-ten U.S. zoos led us to a prehistoric bee display. It was much bigger than my little fist. It was like a radish on top of turnip but dark brown with faded yellow stripes and fuzzy tarantula legs. It was so horrifying to think of encountering a giant killer bee with a 4-inch stinger during the time that dinosaurs roamed. What a first-grader wouldn’t realize is that the display would have been a model, as there is a poor fossil record for bees, making it difficult to pin down the wipe-out of their ancestors.

What happened to those guys?”

Via Activist Post

Why Are People Protesting GMO’s and Monsanto

Genetically Modified Society — Full Movie

September 28, 2013 1 comment

Swedes develop drug to combat bee deaths – why don’t they stop spreading all the herbicides,pesticides and planting GMOs instead?

September 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Swedes develop drug to combat bee deaths

“A team of microbiologists at Lund University have patented the treatment, known as SymBeeotic — made from lactic acid bacteria from the stomachs of healthy bees — which they described as a major “boost” to bees’ immune system and are hopeful that it could slow down the rate at which bees are dying.

“The bacteria in this product is active against both American and European foulbrood disease,” Dr Alejandra Vasquez, who co-developed the product, told
AFP. Foulbrood is the fatal bacterial disease which threatens bees.

“We hope that beekeepers will see this as a good preventative medicine so that they can avoid using antibiotics.”

The researchers, who worked on the medicine for nearly ten years, planned
to launch it at an annual conference of beekeepers in Russia on Saturday.”

Via The Local

Golden rice exposed as fraud: Genetically engineered crop nothing more than biotech battering ram to crush GMO regulations

September 27, 2013 1 comment

“Everywhere you turn in the media, GMO propagandists are invoking so-called “Golden rice” as part of a false narrative that claims GMOs will save the world. Golden rice will save a million lives, blared the cover of TIME Magazine. Golden rice will give poor people critical nutrition and end suffering, we’re told. In fact, Golden rice will even make all the poor children eating it no longer care that they have no clean water, no sustainable agriculture and no economic future, it seems.

There’s a problem with all this, of course: the golden rice hoopla is pure hokum. Quackery. Charlatanism. There is no evidence whatsoever that golden rice can treat, prevent or cure any medical condition. And since when did pro-GMO people ever care about nutrition in the first place? Aren’t they in agreement with the FDA that there is no vitamin, no mineral and no herb that has any ability whatsoever to prevent, treat or cure any disease?”

Via Natural News

Golden rice debunked: ten blatant contradictions and false claims of genetically modified rice

September 26, 2013 Leave a comment

“Golden rice is being touted by GMO advocates as a miracle cure for blindness and death. It is claimed that golden rice is genetically engineered to produce higher levels of beta carotene which the body converts to vitamin A, preventing blindness and death. These claims, however, have no basis in fact and are utterly unsupported by any scientific evidence whatsoever. In fact, those pushing golden rice are doing so as a matter of intense faith rather than science. This is especially noteworthy because those pushing it are staunch enemies of “faith” and claim to be operating solely based on science.

That’s why I’ve assembled a list of ten glaring contradictions in the arguments of golden rice advocates, nearly all of whom have financial ties to the GMO biotech industry.”

Via Natural News

Agriculture experts sounding the alarm over massive spread of superweeds due to GMOs, glyphosate

September 24, 2013 Leave a comment

“New monster varieties of weeds are taking over fields across the globe, as the use of ever greater amounts of pesticides to cultivate herbicide-resistant genetically modified crops has unleashed a monster.

Experts in weed management are sounding the alarm and looking for new ways to handle the problem after fifteen years of agriculture based largely around Monsanto’s flagship Roundup herbicide, during which “extensive and sustained use of glyphosate as a sole weed control mechanism” has now forced many farmers to pull weeds by hand or return to a costly mechanical tilling of the soil.

The rise of herbicide-resistant superweeds has become such a widespread issue that coping mechanisms and mitigation strategies were a dominant topic at the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest science and industry society, when it held its 246th National Meeting & Exposition.”

Via Natural News


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