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19 Signs That Israel And Iran Are On The Verge Of War

“There is going to be war in the Middle East. It is just a matter of time until it happens. Israel has decided that there is no way that it can ever allow Iran to develop the capability to build nuclear weapons. Iran has gone “all-in” on developing a nuclear program and it has become a matter of national pride at this point. Iran does not fear an Israeli attack against its nuclear program. In fact, Iran anticipates that an Israeli attack would cause the Islamic nations of the Middle East to come together and declare war against Israel. Sadly, there is a very strong chance that an Israeli attack on Iran would actually spark a larger regional war. But there is no way that Israel is going to allow Iran to develop the capability to build nuclear weapons, and time for a strike may be running out. It has become quite clear that the Obama administration does not want to strike Iran. So if Israel wants to do something about Iran, Israel is going to have to be the one to do it. But if Obama wins the U.S. election in November, he might work to actively block Israel from attacking Iran for his entire second term, and the Israelis believe that by 2016 it will be way too late to do anything about Iran’s nuclear program. If Israel attacks before the election, Obama would be in danger of appearing to be “anti-Israel” if he came out against the attack. And considering the fact that Jewish voters are a key voting block in swing states such as Florida that is not something he would want to do. But after the election Obama would not have to worry about what Jewish voters think. After the election Obama could move to block an attack on Iran indefinitely.”

Via End of the American Dream

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Celente Warns of 2012: Economy Will Crash, Banks Will Close, Chaos Will Ensue, Military Will Take Over

“If you’ve followed trend forecaster Gerald Celente for any period of time you’ve probably realized he knows what he’s talking about. For the better part of two decades Celente and his Trends Journal have been forecasting political, financial, economic and social trends with an uncanny ability for accuracy.

In his latest interview Celente discusses a variety of different topics – from Iran and Europe to domestic militarization and the economy – and warns that our worst fears will soon be realized.

Bottom line? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet:”

Via SHTF Plan

Obama misread the Middle East from the moment he came to office

September 25, 2011 Leave a comment

“Obama misread the Middle East from the moment he came to office. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not the central issue in the region. The Arab Spring shows that what matters most to the inhabitants of the Greater Middle East are domestic, even local concerns. And yet it also has to be said that the peace process does matter. Which is why it has to be handled carefully.

Now there is no logical reason why the Palestinian cause should touch off the emotions of the entire Muslim world. Indeed it is strange to suggest that Muslims are particularly sensitive to Palestinian suffering, when it is European and American taxpayers who provide for most of the Palestinians’ daily needs. There is no necessary reason that the Palestinian cause should be deemed central to the region except that Arab rulers claimed it was so, and their Western counterparts conceded the point.”

Via Weekly Standard

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Turkey Threatens To Send Warships Into Israeli Waters, Obama Responds By Telling Israel To “Cool It”…

“The Obama administration on Friday bluntly told U.S. allies Israel and Turkey to “cool it” as tensions between the two rose over aid flotillas to Gaza.

Amid concern over a possible naval confrontation in the Mediterranean, the State Department said both sides should exercise restraint and avoid any provocations.”

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Libyan rebels round up black Africans

“Rebel forces and armed civilians are rounding up thousands of black Libyans and migrants from sub-Sahara Africa, accusing them of fighting for ousted strongman Moammar Gadhafi and holding them in makeshift jails across the capital.

Virtually all of the detainees say they are innocent migrant workers, and in most cases there is no evidence that they are lying. But that is not stopping the rebels from placing the men in facilities like the Gate of the Sea sports club, where about 200 detainees — all black — clustered on a soccer field this week, bunching against a high wall to avoid the scorching sun.”

Via Black Listed News

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Pentagon Warning Order: ‘Prepare for War’ (By September?)

“While President Obama has not exactly been fully supportive of Israel (at least overtly), an attack on Iran by the Israelis would no doubt be considered by Iran as having been supported by the United States. That being the case, Iran would respond militarily against all US forces in the region, especially those in Iraq, at the first sign of any trouble. Subsequently, the U.S. would return fire en masse, perhaps even utilizing the nuclear option to incapacitate any possibility of an Iranian nuclear response.”

Via SHTF Plan

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U.S. House keeps Libya funding, fails to authorize mission

“A resolution that bars most funding for the U.S. military mission in Libya failed in the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday, shortly after another measure authorizing the Libya mission suffered the same fate.

The resolution, offered by Rep. Tom Rooney and supported by House Republicans, strikes current-year defense funding for the Libya mission except for search and rescue, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, aerial refueling and operational planning. It failed the House on a 180-238 vote.

A majority of House Republicans supported the bill, with 144 voting in favor of and 89 against it. Democrats were less divided with 36 for and 149 against.”

Via Info Wars

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Ron Paul Slams Absurd Libya War Powers Debate

and yes obumbles it is a war….not a “military kinetic action” not a “humanitarian mission”, it is a war

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10 Tipping Points Which Could Potentially Plunge The World Into A Horrific Economic Nightmare

“The global economy has become so incredibly unstable at this point that it is not going to take much to plunge the world into a horrific economic nightmare. The foundations of the world economic system are so decayed and so corrupted that even a stiff breeze could potentially topple the entire structure over. Over the past couple of months a constant parade of bad economic news has come streaming in from Europe, Asia and the United States. Signs of an impending economic slowdown are everywhere. So what “tipping point” will trigger the next global economic downturn? Nobody knows for sure, but potential tipping points are all around us.”

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

Torture of the child martyr: ‘Rebel’, 13, shot, kneecapped and had genitals removed before being killed by Syria’s sadistic regime

“At 13, he is one of the youngest known victims of Syria’s ruthless crackdown on protesters who have tried to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
The teenager’s family were told not to speak of his terrible fate. But in a pitiful act of defiance, they posted the footage of his corpse online.
The action led to his father being arrested last week. His whereabouts are unknown.
Posted on YouTube, the video is accompanied by a chilling commentary which details the worst of Hamza’s dreadful wounds.”

Via Daily Mail

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