The Truth About Taxes

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Tax dodgers beware: IRS could be watching your social media

April 15, 2014 1 comment

“Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all become places where people post intimate details about their lives: vacation photos, work successes, buying a new house, car, or other cool stuff.

However, this information is also up for grabs by the Internal Revenue Service.

The taxman is reportedly using data from social media on people who file fishy-seeming taxes or don’t file at all, according to Marketplace. The IRS loses roughly $300 billion per year to tax evasion; and in times of budget cuts, with a smaller staff, the agency has allegedly turned to both data mining and data crunching.

In its quest to find and audit tax dodgers, the IRS is said to use online activity trackers to sift through the mass amounts of data available on the Internet, according to Marketplace. This data is then added to the information the agency already has on people, such as Social Security numbers, health records, banking statements, and property.”


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BLM Attempting to Seize 90,000 Acres of Texas Ranchers’ Land!

April 15, 2014 1 comment

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Bundy Ranch – What You’re Not Being Told

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The Philosophies Of Anarchism

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Congress Wants To Ban GMO Labeling

“State GMO labeling proposals may have a bigger foe than the deep pockets of the biotech industry – Congress.

Yes, the legislative body with the worst approval rating in history may soon enact a nationwide ban on the right for Americans to know what is in their food.

Last week a GMO labeling ban bill was introduced in Congress that would put the federal government in charge of supervising the labeling of all food products with genetically modified ingredients – and would ban states from requiring labeling.

The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, as the GMO labeling bill is called, would mandate that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conduct a safety product review before a food enters the open market. On its face, this may sound like a decent attempt at ensuring the safety of the American food supply, but first impressions are not always accurate. Since the FDA, USDA, and EPA have absolutely no problem approving nearly all GMO crops and herbicides which come up for review now, the bill will have little to no impact for those concerned about eating only naturally grown food. The FDA, no doubt, will approve all or nearly all GMO foods.”

Via Off the Grid News

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FBI Visiting Gun Shops to Investigate “People talking about Big Government”

In keeping with the tradition of the FBI’s position on gun rights, it appears the Bureau is working overdrive to monitor and harass gun owners and the gun shops that sell to them.

While government surveillance of gun purchases and gun owners is nothing new, a recent visit by an FBI Counterterrorism agent to a Columbia, South Carolina gun shop has only reinforced the knowledge that the U.S. government is growing more and more concerned by the prospect of a well-armed populace – particularly one that prefers to live without constant government interference in their personal lives.

While the narrative surrounding “counterterrorism” operations used to eviscerate civil liberties after 9/11 was initially based upon the threat of Muslim fundamentalists, that narrative has clearly shifted to a focus on gun owning, law-abiding American citizens – both those who are politically active and those who are blissfully ignorant of current events.

For many, this shift of focus has been quite the surprise. Thus, when the Columbia, South Carolina gun shop in question was approached by an FBI counterterrorism agent on Monday, April 14, the individuals who spoke with him were somewhat alarmed to realize that the agent’s concern was not fundamentalist Muslims but Americans who promote small government.”

Via Activist Post

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