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Top 5 Ways to Find Sanity in a Shifting World

“Every sensitive person I know right now is getting rocked, like punched in the face left-right down-for-the-count rocked. I’m even meeting people, who don’t consider themselves to be ‘sensitive,’ who look back on the past couple of weeks or months and say, “Hm, yes, it’s been rough, come to think of it I’ve felt pretty smacked around.” If you feel alone in this, know that you are not. If you are caught up thinking that this is all your energy to shoulder and process, consider that it is not.

We all know: our beloved Earth is re-balancing in awe-inspiring and disastrous ways, governments are being toppled and reformed, countries attacked and occupied. Everywhere we look we experience destruction and rebirth: we witness devastation and hope in alternate breaths.”

Via Activist Post

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