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Barack Obama Is Wrong: 18 Facts Which Prove That Illegal Immigration Is An Absolute Nightmare For The U.S. Economy

“Barack Obama has declared that “immigration reform is an economic imperative”, and is promising to do his best to get an immigration bill pushed through Congress this year. But will “legalizing” all of the illegal immigration that has taken place over the last several decades improve the struggling U.S. economy or will it actually make our economic problems worse? One of the favorite tricks of top politicians is to promise that the economy is going to improve if we just support what it is that they are currently pushing. Hopefully the Americans people will not buy the nonsense that Obama is spewing. The truth is that Barack Obama is wrong about the economic impact of illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants don’t do jobs that Americans “don’t want” to do. A million Americans recently showed up to apply for a job at McDonald’s. That is how desperate Americans are for work these days. Please don’t try to tell me that there aren’t millions of Americans out there that would not pick fruit for minimum wage. The millions upon millions of illegal immigrants in this country are stealing jobs, they are depressing wages in a whole host of industries and they are a huge factor in the erosion of the middle class. Millions of middle class American families can’t afford to provide for their families anymore and are losing their homes, drowning in debt or going bankrupt. Rather than what Barack Obama is proposing (which is to essentially “legalize” illegal immigration), we need an immigration policy that makes sense and that protects American jobs.”

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

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How the US government will seize your retirement account

“Following in the footsteps of a rather ignominious list of nations like Argentina and Hungary, the government of lreland is set to take its ‘fair share’ of private retirement funds.

Drowning in debt and faced with unpopular, unrealistic, ridiculously unpopular austerity measures, the government has announced that it will now tax private pension savings in order to raise 470 million euros (roughly $675 million) per year… a lot of money in a country of only 4.4 million people.

Somehow, the government expects to be able to create 100,000 jobs to bring down an unemployment rate at 14.7%. Perhaps they plan on hiring 100,000 new workers to go around the country and collect the tax.”

Via Sovereign Man

New Defense Bill Authorizes US Government To Launch “Defensive” Cyber Attacks

“Within the chairman’s mark of the 2012 Defense Authorization bill is language that would allow DoD to carry out clandestine operations in cyberspace against targets located outside the United States and to defend against all attacks on DoD assets.

Released Monday, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon, (R-Calif.) helps to define the Rules of Engagement in cyberspace for the Defense Department, noting “because of the evolving nature of cyber warfare, there is a lack of historical precedent for what constitutes traditional military activities in cyberspace.”

“In particular, this section (962) would clarify that the Secretary of Defense has the authority to conduct clandestine cyberspace activities in support of military operations pursuant to the Authorization for the Use of Military Force….outside of the United States or to defend against a cyber attack on an asset of the Department of Defense.” “

Via Federal News Radio

“The Police in Society” – Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio on TV

The People vs. Goldman Sachs A Senate committee has laid out the evidence. Now the Justice Department should bring criminal charges By Matt Taibbi

“They weren’t murderers or anything; they had merely stolen more money than most people can rationally conceive of, from their own customers, in a few blinks of an eye. But then they went one step further. They came to Washington, took an oath before Congress, and lied about it.

Thanks to an extraordinary investigative effort by a Senate subcommittee that unilaterally decided to take up the burden the criminal justice system has repeatedly refused to shoulder, we now know exactly what Goldman Sachs executives like Lloyd Blankfein and Daniel Sparks lied about. We know exactly how they and other top Goldman executives, including David Viniar and Thomas Montag, defrauded their clients. America has been waiting for a case to bring against Wall Street. Here it is, and the evidence has been gift-wrapped and left at the doorstep of federal prosecutors, evidence that doesn’t leave much doubt: Goldman Sachs should stand trial.”

Via Rolling Stone

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Why the Death of the Man Who Was Not Behind 9/11 Was Announced on May 1st

“It is in times like these that a line is drawn between critical thinkers and those who get swiped by media crap-storms; Between those who understand the complexity of a situation and those who’d rather not know; Between those who comprehend the underlying motives of the elite and those who go outside chanting “USA! USA!”.

On the evening of May 1st 2011, Barak Obama’s statement was one of triumph and celebration. He claimed that, with the death of Osama Bin Laden, “justice was served”. The media spin following the announcement was equally as celebratory: “It is a great day for America and the world”…”The biggest piece of news since 9/11″…”We’ll all remember where we were when we’ve heard this news”…The entire “event” was artificially inflated, exaggerated and glorified.”

Via Vigilant Citizen

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Obama Regime Moves to Kill Boeing Plant in South Carolina

“The implications go far beyond Obama killing thousands more jobs in South Carolina:

The world the NLRB wants to create with its complaint would effectively prevent all companies from placing new plants in right-to-work states if they have existing plants in unionized states.

The embers of liberty have not yet been completely extinguished in right to work states, so naturally Comrade Obama wants to punish them. But as with all government interventions, there will be unintended consequences:

[F]orward-thinking CEOs also would be reluctant to place new plants in unionized states — lest they be forever restricted from placing future plants elsewhere across the country.

The solution: build the plants overseas, where you don’t have unions and the malevolent obscenity calling itself the federal government to deal with.

There’s a reason people are dirt poor in crappy South American dictatorships. It isn’t possible to do business in a country run by a Marxist thug like Evo Morales or Hugo Chavez — or Barack Hussein Obama.”

Via Moon Battery

Farmers Reduced by Obamunism to Using Oxen to Plow

“At the end of Atlas Shrugged, when runaway statist moonbattery has destroyed transportation, Americans are reduced to traveling by covered wagon. Also, farmers have to use oxen to plow their fields due to fuel prices having been driven through the stratosphere by government suppression of oil drilling. No wait, that second one is from reality under Obamunism:

When farmers Danielle and Matt Boerson realised they could no longer afford to run their tractors, they took the bull by the horns — and ditched them for oxen.

Soaring petrol prices had become so high that the couple, who run an 80-acre farm near Madison, Wisconsin, were forced to get rid of their two tractors, hay baler, plough and rotavator.

They learned how to plow with oxen from Dick Roosenberg, who developed the skill while working for the UN in West Africa. The idea was to help those Third World farmers who haven’t been driven out of business by free food from do-gooders.”

Via Moon Battery

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Steelworkers Official Facing Charges of Threats and Feces Throwing

“It’s one thing to debate policies and occasionally trade verbal barbs, but a Canadian Steelworkers’ official’s acts of slinging turds (literally) and issuing threats is taking political discourse to a new low:

A union official is facing criminal charges after allegedly threatening MLA Jenny Kwan, her husband and their children and throwing feces onto the family’s roof, according to court documents filed Friday.

Ms. Kwan has faced criticism from some B.C. New Democrats because of the prominent role she played in party leader Carole James’s forced resignation late last year.

Kim Pollock, a United Steelworkers research representative and long-time party supporter, has been charged with mischief as a result of the feces-throwing incident, which took place on April 1. He has also been charged with uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm, which were allegedly made to Ms. Kwan and her family on Dec. 1, 2010.”

Via Labor Union Report

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