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The Road to Tyranny: Let Me Count the Ways

“Humanity is under attack from so many directions, it is difficult to count the ways. We are under attack from the skies and through the poisoning of our air through massive chemical spraying complete with Alzheimer’s and dementia causing aluminum sulfate and cancer causing barium. Fukashima radiation, Corexit spraying and the resulting toxic rain from the Gulf oil spill is running rampant over our country and not one ounce of mainstream media coverage is afforded to these dangers. Prevention and remediation from these dangers are not put into place by our present government.

Our water is being systematically removed from the country by Nestle, and our water tables are being systematically compromised by environmental toxins and of course many Americans are consuming water permeated with IQ-lowering rocket fuel (i.e., fluoride). “

Via Farm Wars

Thomas Jefferson: Crypto-Rebel?

“These issues date back to the founding of America. In 1785, a resolution authorized the secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs to open and inspect any mail that related to the safety and interests of the United States. The ensuing “inspections” caused prominent men, like George Washington, to complain of mail tampering. According to various historians, it led James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe to write to each other in code — that is, they encrypted their letters — in order to preserve the privacy of their political discussion.

The need for Founding Fathers to encrypt the information they sent to each other is high irony. The intrusive post office against which they rebelled had been established specifically to provide a free flow of political opinion. In the colonial 1770s, Sam Adams had urged the 13 colonies to create an independent postal system. The existing post office, established by the British, acted as a censor and barrier against the spread of rebellious sentiment. Dorothy Ganfield Fowler, in her book Unmailable: Congress and the Post Office, observed, “He [Adams] claimed the colonial post office was made use of for the purpose of stopping the ‘Channels of publick Intelligence and so in Effect of aiding the measures of Tyranny.’” Thus, “‘the necessity of substituting another office in its Stead must be obvious.’””

Via Whiskey and Gunpowder

50 Economic Numbers From 2011 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

“Even though most Americans have become very frustrated with this economy, the reality is that the vast majority of them still have no idea just how bad our economic decline has been or how much trouble we are going to be in if we don’t make dramatic changes immediately. If we do not educate the American people about how deathly ill the U.S. economy has become, then they will just keep falling for the same old lies that our politicians keep telling them. Just “tweaking” things here and there is not going to fix this economy. We truly do need a fundamental change in direction. America is consuming far more wealth than it is producing and our debt is absolutely exploding. If we stay on this current path, an economic collapse is inevitable. Hopefully the crazy economic numbers from 2011 that I have included in this article will be shocking enough to wake some people up.”

Via The economic Collapse Blog

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WI teacher’s union bullies teacher that supports Walker into considering quitting

Lew Rockwell On Economic Terror, the Police State and the Rise of Ron Paul

“Anti-state, Anti-war and pro-market Libertarian thought leader Lew Rockwell ( joins Judge Napolitano to discuss the various reasons for why Ron Paul’s Constitutional philosophies are finally garnering recognition from the American public. While he may be running as a Republican, Paul’s positions on spending, war powers, economic policy, and civil liberties are starkly different from those of his political colleagues.

The ideas themselves transcend party lines. And as Paul himself noted in the Republican debate yesterday (video highlights available below), it is not necessarily he that is electable, but rather, the fundamentally American philosophies, like the rule of law, that voters will be casting their ballots for.”

Via SHTF Plan

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Celente’s Trends Proven Accurate; What Will 2012 Bring?

““Wake-Up Call” Trend: The Decline of America trend is nowhere near bottom, and the worse is yet to come.
One year later: “Worse” has happened, as the country piles up more and more debt, politicians are gridlocked, paralyzed in some perpetual political traffic jam of inaction.

“Crack-Up 2011” Trend: Teetering economies will collapse, currency wars will ensue, trade barriers will be erected, economic unions will splinter…
One year later: The Sovereign debt crisis threatens both the European Union and Euro, currency wars are underway and the US and China are trading trade barbs.

“Crime Time” Trend: No job + no money + compounding debt = high stress, strained relations, short fuses. Hardship-driven crimes will be committed across the socioeconomic spectrum by legions of the on-the-edge desperate who will do whatever they must to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table.
One year later: Thieves are stealing copper piping and cables, cooking oil and temple donation boxes; “Criminal recycling” is flourishing; in 2011 a record number of cyber crimes is reported to the FBI: more than 23,000 per month. “

Via Activist Post

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Who Watches the Watchers? The Future of Regulation

“If you get into a conversation about corporate and political corruption your bound to run into the “regulation paradox”. This is just a vague term that I sometimes use to describe the catch-22 that exists when you put a government in charge of overseeing business and social matters. Allowing the government to regulate social matters is like having a fox guard the henhouse; while expecting them to regulate business is like trusting convict to guard a jailhouse.

This not only results in a philosophical paradox, but it also causes widespread panic and confusion amongst the general population as well, which is easy to see if you walk out your front door or turn on any kind of media. Almost every time that some natural law crises pops up, it is usually perpetrated by state and corporate entities working together, so there really is no line of defense for the average person. I guess it all boils down to the age old question of “Who watches the watchers?””

Via Activist Post

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Recession or Depression: You Be the Judge

“There is an old joke among economists that states: A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job.

Jokes aside, we all have an intuitive idea of what makes up a recession: unemployment, plant and business closures and tough financial times for families.

But what about depression? To laymen like me, depression is a more extreme form of recession. It is characterized by extraordinary and unprecedented increases in unemployment, the reduced availability of credit, mass bankruptcies, the collapse of banking and financial systems and volatile financial markets.”

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Class Warfare Blowback: Majority Of Americans Want Obama Out

“The ever-eloquent populist-in-chief has just turned an important corner. It seems that the clear class warfare escapades he has been engaging in recently have backfired as, according to a poll by Associated Press-GfK, a majority of adults, 52 percent, said Obama should be voted out of office while 43 percent said he deserves another term. This confirms the report from the previous Gallup poll, that our President heads into election year with a significant problem: “Heading into his re-election campaign, the president faces a conflicted public. It does not support his steering of the economy, the most dominant issue for Americans, or his overhaul of health care, one of his signature accomplishments…” While understandably the party preferences bias for and against, it is the Independents that must be the greater concern as “The president’s standing among independents is worse: Thirty-eight percent approve while 59 percent disapprove.” Given the fact that its-the-economy-stupid, we wonder just how long the entirely independent and sacrosanct Federal Reserve will remain on the sidelines, or is QE3 coming Jan 1st?”

Via Zero Hedge


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