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More Than 1 in 7 Use Food Stamps in U.S.

“Food-stamp use jumped in the U.S. in December with more than 1 in 7 people receiving benefits, even as a program for disaster assistance related to Hurricane Irene came to an end.

Food stamp rolls increased 5.5% in 2011, the Department of Agriculture reported, though the pace of growth has slowed from the depths of the recession.

The number of recipients in the food stamp program, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), rose to 46.5 million, or 15% of the population in December. The numbers receiving benefits were boosted by disaster assistance in the late summer and autumn due to Hurricane Irene, but the those programs were largely ended by December in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania the last states still in need.

Minnesota, Colorado, Hawaii, Alaska, New Jersey, Delaware and Iowa all saw year-over-year jumps in use by over 10%. Just Wyoming, Michigan, North Dakota, Utah and West Virginia posted annual drops in the number of people receiving food stamps.”

Via Wall Street Journal

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Americans Will Need “Black Markets” To Survive

“As Americans, we live in two worlds; the world of mainstream fantasy, and the world of day-to-day reality right outside our front doors. One disappears the moment we shut off our television. The other, does not…

When dealing with the economy, it is the foundation blocks that remain when the proverbial house of cards flutters away in the wind, and these basic roots are what we should be most concerned about. While much of what we see in terms of economic news is awash in a sticky gray cloud of disinformation and uneducated opinion, there are still certain constants that we can always rely on to give us a sense of our general financial environment. Two of these constants are supply and demand. Central banks like the private Federal Reserve may have the ability to flood markets with fiat liquidity to skew indexes and stocks, and our government certainly has the ability to interpret employment numbers in such a way as to paint the rosiest picture possible, but ultimately, these entities cannot artificially manipulate the public into a state of demand when they are, for all intents and purposes, dead broke.

In contrast, the establishment does have the ability to make specific demands or necessities illegal to possess, and can even attempt to restrict their supply. Though, in most cases this leads not to the control they seek, but a sudden and sharp loss of regulation through the growth of covert trade. The people need what the people need, and no government, no matter how titanic, can stop them from getting these commodities when demand is strong enough.”

Via SHTF Plan

Why Individualism is more compassionate than Collectivism

“Throughout most of the world people are taught to look at reality in a very polarized way. When certain issues are presented to us through mainstream circles they are usually oversimplified to the point where all concepts are either black or white, and all people are either good or bad, with no in between.

The reality of the situation is that things are much more complicated than that; there are usually many different ways of looking at things and many different sides to the story. This is especially true in the study of philosophy, because terms are constantly being redefined and ideas constantly reexamined with every new generation of philosophers to accommodate the new insight and information that has become available over time.

One polarity that is vastly misunderstood and oversimplified by the general population is that of individualism and collectivism. Now, it is true that many different people have many different ideas about what these words mean, but what really determines the true value of any concept is the consequences that come as a result of that concept being implemented by society.”

Via Activist Post

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What Are the Real Consumer Price Inflation and Unemployment Rates?

“The government says it is about 3%. Even at that rate, prices will double in 24 years. The American Institute for Economic Research in the CBS story below says it is 8%. If continued, that would mean a doubling in only nine years. Admittedly the 8% excludes housing and more stable household expenses and just looks at the more variable items, but it does indicate that inflation is not low.

Another web site, John Williams’s, simply computes inflation by using the method that the US government previously employed prior to ” adjustments” made under the Clinton and some other administrations. This reveals a 6% consumer price inflation rate.

Williams also calculates unemployment using earlier government methods. The result is a far higher rate. So when commentators say that today’s unemployment rate is not nearly so high as during the Great Depression, this is really comparing apples and oranges. If we calculated unemployment now as we did then, it would seem to put us in depression territory.”

Via Against Crony Capitalism

10.7 Percent: Unemployment In Europe Is Worse Than It Was At The Peak Of The Last Recession

“The unemployment rate in the eurozone is now 10.7 percent. That is the highest the unemployment rate has been since the introduction of the euro. The unemployment rate in the eurozone never got any higher than 10.2 percent during the last recession. This is very troubling news. It was just recently announced that the eurozone has entered another recession, and already the unemployment rate is hitting new record highs. So how bad are things going to get in the months to come? The truth is that the problems for Europe are just starting. The European sovereign debt crisis continues to get worse, and another major global financial crisis is going to be here way too soon. The EU as a whole has a larger population, a larger banking system and more Fortune 500 companies than the United States does. When the financial system of Europe crashes, the entire world is going to feel it.”

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

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A message from obama

In the washroom at the airport I saw a handwritten sign posted over one of those hot air hand dryers: “Please push button and listen for a short message from the President!”

There’s nothing like “hot air” and the smell of @#$%&! to give you that true Obama experience!!!!

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Iceland Wants To Adopt The Dollar… No, Not That One, The Other One

“Not the US Dollar of course: why would the only country to successfully overthrow the chains of banker tyranny and default in their face want to ever have anything to do with the USD, the source of all the world’s problems. No, the dollar in question is that of Canada. According to the Globe and Mail tiny Iceland, “is looking longingly to the loonie as the salvation from wild economic gyrations and suffocating capital controls…And for the first time, the Canadian government says it’s open to discussing idea. There’s a compelling economic case why Iceland would want to adopt the Canadian dollar. It offers the tantalizing prospect of a stable, liquid currency that roughly tracks global commodity prices, nicely matching Iceland’s own economy, which is dependent on fish and aluminum exports.” Yes, yes, there are all the fundamental reasons, but more importantly, it is a huge slap in the face of those statists (and the United States of course) who keep repeating no matter the facts that the USD will never lose its reserve status. Here’s a hint: it can and it will. And so much for the thought experiment of printing endless amounts of currency in non-reserve format and getting away with everything unpunished. Finally, there is this startling dose of reality from an earlier and calmer time, when S&P, back in 2006, released its long-term baseline scenario of sovereign debt ratings. This oddly prescient table speaks for itself. “

Via Zero Hedge

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Declaration of Food Independence unveiled today in Wisconsin; signed by Vernon Hershberger and others

“Today at the raw milk / food freedom rally taking place in Wisconsin at the legal hearing for raw milk farmer Vernon Hershberger, organizers unveiled a Declaration of Food Independence. The document asserts the individual right to grow, trade and access real food without government intervention or control.

It is an historical document signifying a momentous milestone in the fight for food freedom — the fight against government tyranny and the destruction of food. Just as America’s original Declaration of Independence asserted freedom from the tyranny and control of the British government, this Declaration of Food Independence asserts freedom from U.S. government tyranny and control over the food supply.

Upon being unveiled, the document was immediately and enthusiastically signed by dozens of people, with many more signature expected to come throughout the day.

I personally salute this effort and will be adding my signature to this historical document at the first opportunity.”

Via Natural News

Lessons Learned from 9 Days Without Power

“It was mid-July a few years ago and very hot. At about 4:30 P.M. and shortly after I returned home from work, the weather radio goes off and announces a huge line of super cell thunderstorms producing tornados, softball size hail, heavy rain and straight-line winds in excess of 70 M.P.H.

Less than an hour later, the monster hit. I yelled to my wife and daughter to get into the basement, NOW! Fortunately they listened to me and went downstairs. I thought, “I’m not going to miss this one,” and stood at the glass window. While I was standing there enjoying the trees bend 90 degrees and listening to things hitting the side of the house, all of a sudden our heavy, full size trampoline started to levitate upwards. It lifted 5 feet, 10 feet, and then 30 feet straight up and then took off like a Harrier jet toward me. I went scrambling down to the basement with my family. I did not see any funnel cloud, and to this day I can’t see how a straight-line wind could do something like that.

The storm lasted maybe 30-45 minutes and during the course of the storm we lost electrical power. No problem, I’m a “prepper”; I’m very well prepared! I made my way to the next room in the basement where I have my flashlights, candles and battery lamps perfectly stored in nice boxes. It was pitch dark. Based on the severity of the storm I figured the power would be out at least until sometime the next day.”

Via The Survival Mom


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