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End Corporate Personhood! (Not So Fast, Sparky…)

“What a great idea! End corporate personhood! Destroy the ability of those evil corporations to have a say in our government! 25 Democrats want to have the Constitution amended to take away corporate personhood in an effort to strip the organizations of their First Amendment rights.

Sounds good, right? Now let’s look at why corporations are “legal persons.”

1) What is a corporation? It is a group of people coing together to minimize personal risk in business by spreading that risk. That means, if you have a 401(k) or any form of investments for you or your kids’ college you are the evil corporation.”

Via Scott Rhymer

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As children’s brains are being eaten by vaccines, parents urged to ignore the symptoms and ‘soothe’ their babies

“A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics suggests that administering one or more of the five “Ss” — swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging, and sucking — to babies in conjunction with their childhood vaccine regimens can help alleviate the physical and emotional stress typically brought about by this highly-invasive medical tradition.

Swaddling babies, or wrapping them in a warm blanket after they are vaccinated, as well as placing them in certain positions can help reduce their levels of anxiety, say researchers. Gently shushing them while rocking them or giving them a pacifier can also help to make the vaccination process move along much more smoothly and less painfully.

Though these measures do absolutely nothing to address the potential neurological damage caused by vaccines, researchers say they can “soothe” babies and help them to stop crying. According to Dr. John W. Harrington from Eastern Virginia Medical School and Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, the methods serve as a “distraction” from the pain caused by the needles.”

Via Natural News

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Here’s How The Media Scams You

“The kid drew a city sticker design that was deemed to be a loser because there was an obvious gang sign in it. He cried on TV and got lots of sympathy, claiming there was no gang sign in the design.

Except… it appears he admitted he was a member of the gang.

Since submitting this new city sticker design… Little Herbert has had “police & juvenile section contact” and is now a self admitted Maniac Latin Disciple…

Look at his city sticker design. The HEART is the major MLD Gang Symbol. Look at the hands pointing up to the hats on that sticker… Look closely at the fingers and how they are being held… It’s hard to see on this image but those little white streaks around the hats have some in the form of a PITCH FORK…..

Looks like little MLD Herbert pulled a fast one on the City of Chicago…

Oops. It gets worse. Far worse.”

The FBI on Friday upped the ante for information that leads to the arrest of a man charged with trafficking cocaine.

Herbert Pulgar — the father of the teen recently in the news over possible gang symbolism in his Chicago vehicle sticker design — was among 17 known gang and suspected gang members charged four years ago.

Herbert Pulgar, whose last known address was on the 2700 block of West Wilson Avenue, has been the subject of an international manhunt since 2008, said Robert Grant, the Special Agent-in-Charge of Chicago’s FBI office.

Pulgar, who posed with guns on his now-private Facebook page, is also wanted by the international law enforcement agency INTERPOL.

Via Market Ticker

Three years and no Senate budget Industrious ancestors put to shame our do-nothing Democrats

“A pril 29 will mark three years since Senate Democrats passed a budget. This dereliction of duty lagrantly violates the 1974 Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act.

“On or before April 15 of each year, the Congress shall complete action on a concurrent resolution on the budget for the fiscal year,” this statute states. Senate Democrats could not care less about this federal law.

This is a milestone in human sloth. While it has taken Majority “Leader” Harry Reid of Nevada and Senate Democrats 36 months to conceive zero budgets, House Republicans have delivered two – one for each year they governed.

Nonetheless, Mr. Reid said on Feb. 3: “We do not need to bring a budget to the floor this year. It’s done. We don’t need to do it.”

“This is the wrong time to vote on the floor,” Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad, North Dakota Democrat, declared Tuesday. “I don’t think we will be prepared to vote before the election.”

Floor votes would require Senate Democrats to borrow and spend, which annoys taxpayers, or cut outlays, which aggravates liberal lobbyists and porcine government-employee unions. So, Senate Democrats break the law and demand continuing resolutions, which spend on autopilot.”

Via Washington Times

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Why Is It Necessary For The Federal Government To Turn The United States Into A Prison Camp?

“There has been no society in the history of the world that has ever been 100% safe. No matter how much money the federal government spends on “homeland security”, the truth is that bad things will still happen. Our world is a very dangerous place and it is becoming increasingly unstable. The federal government could turn the entire country into one giant prison camp, but that would still not keep us safe. It is inevitable that bad stuff will happen in life. But we have a choice. We can choose to live in fear or we can choose to live as free men and women. Our forefathers intended to establish a nation where liberty and freedom would be maximized. But today we are told that we have to give up our liberties and our freedoms and our privacy for increased security. But is such a trade really worth it? Just think of the various totalitarian societies that we have seen down throughout history. Have any of them ever really thrived? Have their people been happy? Unfortunately, the U.S. federal government has decided that the entire country needs to be put on lock down. Nearly everything that we do today is watched and tracked, and personal privacy is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Many of the things that George Orwell wrote about in 1984 are becoming a reality, and that is a very frightening thing. The United States is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Sadly, we are rapidly becoming the exact opposite of that.”

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

Talking pineapple question on state exam stumps … everyone!

“Students across the state are still scratching their heads over an absurd state test question about a talking pineapple.

The puzzler on the eighth-grade reading exam stumped even educators and has critics saying the tests, which are becoming more high stakes, are flawed.

“I think it’s weird that they put such a silly question on a state test. What were they thinking?” said Bruce Turley, 14, an eighth-grader at Lower Manhattan Community Middle School.

“I thought it was a little strange, but I just answered it as best as I could,” said his classmate Tyree Furman, 14. “You just have to give it your best answer. These are important tests.”

In the story, a take-off on Aesop’s fable about the tortoise and the hare, a talking pineapple challenges a hare to a race. The other animals wager on the immobile pineapple winning — and ponder whether it’s tricking them.”

Via NY Daily News

One Nation Under Debt With Endless Debt Slavery For All

“Debt is a “soft” form of slavery. In America today, it is not legal to bind people up with chains and force them to work for you, but that doesn’t mean that there are not millions upon millions of slaves in this country.

When you borrow money, you willingly become a servant to the lender. Sadly, there are millions of Americans that will spend the rest of their lives working to pay off their debts, but they will never escape the endless debt slavery that they have gotten themselves into.

When you add up all forms of debt in the United States at this point, it comes to more than $54 trillion. That is more than $178,000 for every man, woman and child in America. We truly are one nation under debt, and we have created the biggest debt bubble in the history of the planet.

Unfortunately, all debt bubbles eventually burst, and when this one bursts the consequences are going to be unlike anything ever seen before.”

Via Activist Post

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They Wrecked Our Mowers

“I was just looking at the detailed regulations for lawn mowers. In particular, the relevant passage is 16 CFR PART 1205 — the Safety Standard for Walk-Behind Power Lawn Mowers. Here we find that the height of the lawn mower case must be low enough to pass a “foot probe” test. No matter how high or low the wheels are adjusted, it cannot be possible to stick your foot under the case.

Now, when I was young, you could stick your foot under the mower. We didn’t do that, of course, but we could. Therefore, there was suction. The air sucked from underneath and swirled up and out in the grass catcher. It was like running a vacuum cleaner over a floor. It shaved the grass, and not one grass blade was left anywhere in sight. It all went into the catcher.”

Via Whiskey and Gunpowder

How to delete yourself from the Internet

“The Internet companies that power your online life know that data equals money, and they’re becoming bolder about using that data to track you. If they get their way, your every online step would be not only irrevocable, but traceable back to you. Fortunately, there are some positive steps you can take to reclaim your online history for yourself.

The online privacy software company Abine, which makes Do Not Track Plus, also offers a service called DeleteMe, which removes your data from numerous tracking sites and keeps it from coming back. In an unusual gesture, though, they’ve made public how to do for yourself everything that DeleteMe does. Here’s my take on their advice. “


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