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Here’s How The Media Scams You

“The kid drew a city sticker design that was deemed to be a loser because there was an obvious gang sign in it. He cried on TV and got lots of sympathy, claiming there was no gang sign in the design.

Except… it appears he admitted he was a member of the gang.

Since submitting this new city sticker design… Little Herbert has had “police & juvenile section contact” and is now a self admitted Maniac Latin Disciple…

Look at his city sticker design. The HEART is the major MLD Gang Symbol. Look at the hands pointing up to the hats on that sticker… Look closely at the fingers and how they are being held… It’s hard to see on this image but those little white streaks around the hats have some in the form of a PITCH FORK…..

Looks like little MLD Herbert pulled a fast one on the City of Chicago…

Oops. It gets worse. Far worse.”

The FBI on Friday upped the ante for information that leads to the arrest of a man charged with trafficking cocaine.

Herbert Pulgar — the father of the teen recently in the news over possible gang symbolism in his Chicago vehicle sticker design — was among 17 known gang and suspected gang members charged four years ago.

Herbert Pulgar, whose last known address was on the 2700 block of West Wilson Avenue, has been the subject of an international manhunt since 2008, said Robert Grant, the Special Agent-in-Charge of Chicago’s FBI office.

Pulgar, who posed with guns on his now-private Facebook page, is also wanted by the international law enforcement agency INTERPOL.

Via Market Ticker

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