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Mayor Barrett was meeting with union organizers when he missed police memorial

“It turns out, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was in Oshkosh talking with union organizers when he missed an event in Milwaukee honoring law enforcement in southeast Wisconsin, including Milwaukee Police officers.

Law enforcement officials are angered and looking for answers after Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett did not attend two separate law enforcement recognition ceremonies this week, including one that recognizes Milwaukee police officers killed in the line of duty.

On Tuesday evening, the Milwaukee police department held their annual Merit Awards Ceremony. Mayor Barrett was scheduled to be at that event. Organizers tell me he canceled so late that there wasn’t even time to take his name off the program. It was on the printed program that evening.

On Wednesday, the annual ceremony to honor the courage and sacrifice of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty was held. Organizers say Mayor Barrett said he would be there. He wasn’t. Governor Scott Walker was there; Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn was there; Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was in attendance; Attorney General JB Van Hollen showed up; Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm and Milwaukee Police Association President Mike Crivello were there. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was not there.

Newsradio 620 WTMJ’s John Mercure caught up with the Mayor Thursday and asked where he had been during the events. The Mayor and his staff couldn’t remember where they were at the time. “I was working. I was… I’ll have to get back to you about the specifics,” the mayor told John.

The Mayor’s campaign never got back with specifics. But we’ve now learned about his appearance in Oshkosh.”


‘Vast military-industrial complex’ keeps growing and keeps killing

“When a five-star general warns you about the dangers of a growing military, it’s probably a good idea to listen. In President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation more than 50 years ago, he gave a stark warning. After all these years, it’s clear that few people paid attention.

We have a military that’s far too big for what’s needed to defend the United States. We have military personnel spread all over the world. We make commitments to defend other countries and base our military in them. All of this comes at a tremendous cost to the American taxpayer. What’s just as bad is that having a powerful military creates the urge to use it, so it leads us into wars that are costly in dollars and in the lives of people around the world.”

Via David McElroy

18 Signs That The Banking Crisis In Europe Has Just Gone From Bad To Worse

“With each passing day, the banking crisis in Europe escalates. European banks are having their credit ratings downgraded in waves, bond yields are soaring and billions of euros are being pulled out of banks all across the eurozone. The situation in Europe is rapidly going from bad to worse. It is almost like watching air being let out of a balloon. The key to any financial system is confidence, and right now confidence in banks in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal is declining at an alarming rate. When things hit the fan in Europe, it is going to be much safer to have your money in Swiss banks or German banks than in Greek banks, Spanish banks or Italian banks. Millions of people in Europe are starting to realize that a “euro” is not necessarily always going to be a “euro” and they are starting to panic. The Greek banking system is already on the verge of total collapse, and at this rate it is only a matter of time before we see some major Spanish and Italian banks start to fail. In fact it has already been announced that the fourth largest bank in Spain, Bankia, will be getting bailed out by the Spanish government. It is only a matter of time before we hear more announcements like this. Right now, events are moving so quickly in Europe that it is hard to keep up with them all. But this is what usually happens in the financial world. When things go well, it tends to happen over an extended period of time. When things fall apart, it tends to happen very rapidly.’

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

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Obama Cites Kenyan Family Members’ Pledge ‘Economic Growth Can’t Just Be for the Lucky Few’ – the same family he won’t lift a finger to help

“President Barack Obama invoked his poor family members in Kenya as a reason why “economic growth can’t just be for the lucky few at the top, it’s got to be broad-based, for everybody.”

Obama delivered remarks Friday at the Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security in the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington where he talked about plans for the United States and developed countries from the Group of Eight (G8) nations to assist African countries in agriculture.

“I’ve spoken before about relatives I have in Kenya, who live in villages where hunger is sometimes a reality — despite the fact that African farmers can be some of the hardest-working people on Earth,” said Obama, who along with first lady Michelle Obama have a net worth of between $2.6 million and $8.3 million, according to financial disclosure forms released by the White House on Tuesday.”

Via CNS News

15 Crucial Facts NEVER Heard On The Mainstream Media

12 Pictures That Demonstrate How The New World Order Openly Mocks Us

“If you know what to look for, it quickly becomes obvious that the elite of the world are not even trying to hide their insidious plans for the planet. They hope to unite the entire globe under their leadership, and they don’t think that we are strong enough or smart enough to stop them. They openly embed symbols expressing their desire for a one world economic system, a one world religion and a one world government on our buildings, on our monuments and on our money and they think that it is funny that most people have no idea what those symbols mean. The New World Order openly mocks us and they seem to take pleasure in giving us “clues” about what their plans for humanity are. In the “global society” that they have planned for us, individual freedoms and liberties will be greatly restricted “for the good of humanity” and they will use the emerging Big Brother police state control grid to monitor and control everything that we do. It would be a totalitarian regime unlike anything the world has ever seen before. That is why it is absolutely imperative that we wake people up and get them educated about what the globalists plan to do so that they can resist this growing tyranny.”

Via End of the American Dream

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Are Americans Catching On, Waking Up, Unplugging?

“In response to the question in the title I can report that most of my readers are. Almost everyone got the point of the last column. They see the absurdity of the government’s claim that the identity of the tough, macho Navy Seals, who allegedly murdered Osama bin Laden, has to be kept secret in order to protect our fierce warriors from reprisals from Muslim terrorists, while those government officials responsible for the torture and deaths of large numbers of Muslims can walk around, identity known, unprotected and safe.

A few members of Congress are also awake, but not very many. Indeed, we are losing two of the most aware – Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul. Kucinich was redistricted in order to get rid of his independent voice. He carried 75% of the votes from that part of his old district that was included in his new one, but the new voters lacked the intelligence to vote for him. Ron Paul, in our time of tribulation, tried for the Republican presidential nomination on a platform of saving the US Constitution, but those who voted in Republican primaries weren’t interested in saving the US Constitution.”

Via Activist Post

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33-year-old man with 30 kids by 11 different women wants state to help pay for his child support payments

33-year-old man has 30 kids by 11 different women

“Desmond Hatchett of Tennessee is pleading with the state to help him pay for child support he simply cannot afford. Hatchett, 33, has 11 different “baby mamas” and the state of Tennessee says there is nothing that they can do to limit him from having more children. WGCI has the story:”

“I had four kids in the same year. Twice.” Desmond Hatchett said in an interview. He’s been begging for help from the state of Tennessee because he can’t afford the child support for all these kids! The children range in age from toddlers to 14 years old. There are at least 11 baby mamas; probably several more. Constitutionally, there is nothing the state of Tennessee can do to limit him from having more kids.

Via The Grio

Study reveals a mere 2.1% 5 year survival rate for chemo patients

Relax! It’s just chemo..

“Each year, more than 1 million cancer patients receive outpatient chemotherapy, radiation, or both. On the US National Library of Medicine website (PubMed), – is the news of a study estimating the overall contribution of chemotherapy to 5-year “survival” in adults in the US at a shameful 2.1%. Top this off with 201 side effects listed on the Chemocare website alone. The American Chinese Medicine Association says that “most cancer patients die of chemotherapy.” How does this factor into the medical dictum “First Do No Harm”? It is actually misleading to promote chemotherapy for cancer treatment because it permanently damages the body and immune system and causes other cancers to spring up later.”

Via Natural News

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Suspect arrested in deadly Mississippi highway shootings, as authorities say he wasn’t posing as cop

“Authorities in Mississippi said early Friday they have arrested a suspect in two fatal highway shootings that happened late at night along desolate stretches.

James D. Willie, 28, was being held on charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault and rape and would be formally charged with two counts of capital murder, Mississippi Department of Public Safety spokesman Warren Strain told The Associated Press.

Willie was being held at the Tunica County jail in north Mississippi.

Willie had not been posing as a police officer in the shootings as authorities previously thought, Strain said.”

Via FOX News

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