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President peace Prize obama deploys troops to Yemen border

U.S. escalates clandestine war in Yemen

“In an escalation of America’s clandestine war in Yemen, a small contingent of U.S. troops is providing targeting data for Yemeni airstrikes as government forces battle to dislodge Al Qaeda militants and other insurgents in the country’s restive south, U.S. and Yemeni officials said.

Operating from a Yemeni base, at least 20 U.S. special operations troops have used satellite imagery, drone video, eavesdropping systems and other technical means to help pinpoint targets for an offensive that intensified this week, said U.S. and Yemeni officials who asked not to be identified talking about the sensitive operation.

The U.S. forces also advised Yemeni military commanders on where and when to deploy their troops, two senior Obama administration officials said. The U.S. contingent is expected to grow, a senior military official said.”

Via LA Times

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National Security be damned, New York Times admits receiving leaked documented from obama White House

Obama’s bin Laden leaks angered military

““The media’s got a pretty good record there,” said Schmitt, the Times’ national security reporter. He said that a number of NYT stories have been held and that the paper’s publisher is pressed by President Obama to delay publication “in some cases.”

Associated Press reporter Eileen Sullivan added that when a story threatens lives and the Pentagon or White House seek a delay in publishing, “we almost always comply.””

Via Washington Examiner

Biden ‘Insists on Paying for the Food,’ but ‘Aide’ Picks Up Check

“Vice President Joe Biden, who has been out on the campaign trail in Ohio, visited Hogfather’s Old Fashioned BBQ in Washington, Pennsylvania on his way to the Pittsburgh airport.

“He entered the restaurant wearing an open neck white shirt, sleeves rolled up, dark slacks, and aviator sunglasses,” according to the pool report. “The crowd of about twenty folks included general patrons and a smattering of folks with Democratic Party affiliations of one kind or another.”

After placing himself under a “Free Beer Tomorrow” sign for a bit, Biden picked up his food–”a big piece of carrot cake … [and] “a couple of racks of ribs,” according to the owner–and proceeded to “[insist] on paying for the food.” But a curious thing happened: “An aide paid for the check, ‘about $30,’” according to the pooler. The aide left “a generous tip,” the pooler quotes the owner as saying.

“Leaving the restaurant after about half and hour, the patrons again applauded,” we learn from the pooler. “Outside, Mr. Biden stood on the door sill of his vehicle and waved to a small knot of people waving and taking pictures from across the street.””

Via Weekly Standard

Ha Ha Ha: Greece Figured It Out!

“Now you’re screwed Christine Lagarde, Merkel and the various ECB wonks. They figured it out over in Greece.

You have crap cards and Tsipras has a Royal Straight Flush.

Now he may be lying, but if he’s not he knows that he can pay the workers and retirees — if he walks on the debt payments.

This means he holds the trump hand. He can operate internally and tell you all to stuff it. And assuming he’s telling the truth and really has run the numbers, the ECB, Merkel and the rest of the Eurozone is stuffed on trying to force anything down Greece’s throat.

He also wants to nationalize the banking system. Now, if he goes further and forces a “One Dollar of Capital” standard for all banks inside Greece, then the game-playing stops but so does the systemic risk — inside Greece.

Now what’s left for the rest of Europe? They’ve got a problem — a big problem. By nationalizing the banking system he flushes the private parties that would otherwise play “hand grenade” with the economy and government.”

Via Market Ticker

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