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Department of Justice Admits: Dems are TOO STUPID to Vote!

“The Obama Administration, in its great wisdom, has decided that the democratic process is heinously flawed in this case, and will not allow the town of 23,000 to implement the decision of the electorate. Instead, the Wise and Good Obama Administration has demanded that in all future municipal elections in Kinston still have D and R and I and L and God-knows-what-all on the ballot.


Because, according to the Obama/Democratic Department of Justice, Democratic voters – particularly blacks – NEED to have the (D) on the ballot so they know whom to properly vote for!

Yes. Democrats are TOO STUPID to know who to vote for without the (D) on the ballot.

While the Racist Obama Administration notes that, in its opinion, blacks are too dumb to vote, I would say that this is a symptom of the innate racism of the Democratic Party in the USA – revealed elsewhere in its penchant for affirmative action, where Democrats demonstrate openly their opinion that blacks and women cannot get jobs or advance in their careers without governmental coercion.

I don’t think that blacks are too dumb to vote. If Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams and Alan Keyes were the only folks voting, we’d have a pretty good government.”

Via Barack’s a fool

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