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Obama Seeks US Congressional Ratification of UN Global Gun Control Treaty

“Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State has announced that the Obama administration is working with the United Nations (UN) to approve, through the US Congress, the Small Arms Treaty (SAT).

Clinton affirmed that the US would facilitate talks with the UN in the Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, as long as it “operates under the rules of consensus decision-making. Consensus is needed to ensure the widest possible support for the Treaty and to avoid loopholes in the Treaty that can be exploited by those wishing to export arms irresponsibly.”

This global gun control scheme, concocted by the UN, is called the International Arms Control Treaty (IACT). Disguised as a way to combat terrorism, insurgents and international criminals, this document endeavors to secure that the world’s citizens cannot defend themselves.”

Via Activist Post

Chicago Teachers Union Demands 30 Percent Pay Raise

“It takes a lot of nerve to ask for a 30 percent pay raise. You’d better be sure you had a banner year. Yet in Chicago, where just 15 percent of fourth graders are proficient in reading (and just 56 percent of students graduate), the teachers union is set to strike if the district does not agree to a 30 percent increase in teachers’ salaries.

The average teacher in Chicago Public Schools—a district facing a $700 million deficit—makes $71,000 per year before benefits are included. If the district meets union demands and rewards teachers with the requested salary increase, education employees will receive compensation north of $92,000 per year.

According to the Illinois Policy Institute, the average annual income of a family in Chicago is $47,000 per year. If implemented, the 30 percent raise will mean that in nine months, a single teacher in the Chicago Public School system will take home nearly double what the average family in the city earns in a year”

Via The Foundry

obama dines and dashes on $55 tab

White House Forgets to Pay Father’s Day Lunch Tab

“As the group chatted about fatherhood, the president enjoyed a steaming plate of pork ribs with hot sauce, collard greens, red beans and rice and cornbread.

The bill for the president and his four guests was $55.58, but was left unpaid at the point of sale, according to pool reports.”

Via ABC News

Free Puppies for Bums

“San Francisco moonbats have come up with the ultimate feel-good solution to homelessness: give homeless people who aren’t really homeless because they live in hotels at taxpayer expense free puppies:”

Dogs will be issued to single-room occupancy hotel residents who can prove that they’re capable of providing care, according to the San Francisco Chronicle — and with the dogs, a $50 to $75 weekly stipend to cover dog food and other canine necessities, the newspaper reported.

The idea is aptly named WOOF — Wonderful Opportunities for Occupants and Fidos, according to Bevan Dufty, who is serving as Mayor Ed Lee’s homeless czar.

Via Moon Battery

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works to develop Orwellian style thought/feeling compliance bracelets

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funding research into bracelets that track mental, emotional responses

“Pushing vaccines on the entire world is apparently not the only goal of the infamous Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is reportedly now funding research into human tracking bracelets capable of gauging both emotional and physical responses to various stimuli. According to The Washington Post (WP), the Gates Foundation has already quietly spent more than $1 million on research into the biometric bracelets, which could forever alter the way students learn and teachers teach.

In a controversial move that was only recently brought to light, the Gates Foundation allegedly forked over about half a million dollars to South Carolina’s Clemson University late last fall, and another more than $600,000 to the National Center on Time and Learning (NCTL), a group dedicated to improving student achievement. Both grants were intended to fund test studies on the effectiveness of the “galvanic skin response” bracelets, which assess the physiological responses of students to learning material.

The idea is that when a student, for instance, is exposed to new lesson plans from his teacher, the bracelet will detect electrical changes on his skin and inside his body which can be used to assess how well he is learning the information. The bracelet may also detect various cognitive responses in that student’s brain which indicate whether or not a particular teaching style is effectively engaging him according to his learning abilities and types.”

Via Natural News

Thanks to Governor Scott Walker saving money, sheriff’s dept can hire more people

WI: Sheriff’s departments reap Act 10 savings

“Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls did something he hasn’t been able to do in years: hire a dispatcher.

The difference, Nehls said, is Act 10, the controversial bill — now law — pushed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker and a GOP-controlled Legislature that’s delivering big dividends for taxpayers statewide.”

Via Wisconsin Reporter

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America on Track ‘to Add Three Times More Debt than Eurozone Over 5 Years’

“The eurozone might be cracking up, but as far as debt goes, America appears to be in worse shape than the entire eurozone in the long run. According to a new chart set to be released later today by the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee, America is on track “to add three times more debt than [the] eurozone over [the next] 5 years.””

Via The Weekly Standard

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EPA in huge power grab to control all ditches and gullies on private land

“As the federal Leviathan becomes ever larger and all-powerful, its Executive Branch tentacles reach further and further into the American fabric as it seeks to exert authority and control over more and more of our lives.

The latest power-mad grab can be attributed to the not-so-illustrious Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is using (misusing, actually) the Clean Water Act (CWA) to control all ditches, gullies and other ephemeral areas by trying to say they are navigable waterways. Sure – like the ditch in front of your home can support barge traffic or a U.S. Navy warship.

Lawmakers who oppose the grab said the ridiculous “waterways” claim made by the EPA are temporary sites at best, created by rain or melting snow, but if controlled would prohibit private property owners from utilizing their own land for raising crops, grazing livestock or any number of other uses.”

Via Natural News

obama campaign meets with executives from Google, Apple, Facebook and DreamWorks to better “market” the president

Obama camp takes more than money from Hollywood, tech stars

“Much has been made of the star-studded high-dollar fundraising that President Barack Obama has come to depend on in 2012. But his campaign is getting a lot more from Hollywood and Silicon Valley than big checks.

It is getting some unorthodox advice on marketing the president, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. Before taking his job as Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina met with executives from Google, Apple, Facebook and DreamWorks and he has continued to tap their expertise.

“At DreamWorks Studios, Steven Spielberg spent three hours explaining how to capture an audience’s attention and offered a number of ideas that will be rolled out before Election Day,” Businessweek’s Joshua Green reported Thursday.

“An early example of Spielberg’s influence is, a website designed by the Obama team to tell the story—a horror story, by their reckoning—of Mitt Romney’s career at Bain Capital. Afterward, Spielberg insisted that Messina sit down with the DreamWorks marketing team. Hollywood movie studios are expert, as presidential campaigns also must be, at spending huge sums over a few weeks to reach and motivate millions of Americans.””

Via Politico

Initial Claims Miss Big, People Falling Off Extended Claims Soar To 135K, CPI Plunges Most Since December 2008

“Another economic data point, another preview of the coming NEW QE (and if Goldman is right, the perpetual NEW “Flowing” QE). Initial claims print at 386K, a number which will be revised to 390K next week, a swing and a miss to expectations of 375K, and not even the mainstream media will be able to come up with tits token idiotic headline that claims decline because they did not, even relative to last week’s revised 380K from 377K. This is the 22nd expectations miss in the last 25 reports. Continuing claims also miss expectations of 3270K, printing at 3278K. But the biggest surprise to some (not ZH readers who were warned that 700,000 Are About To Lose Their Extended Jobless Claims Benefits), a massive 135K people fell off the Extended and EUC claims as the 99 week cliff hits more and more. Recall that last week 105K dropped of extended claims. This means that in the past two weeks alone 240,000 people no longer collect the last possible form government unemployment benefits, the most in a two week period since December 2010!. We can only hope they are fat enough to collect the new normal stimulus check: disability. “

Via Zero Hedge

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