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Lawyers Have Already Drafted 13,000 Pages of Regulations for New ObamaTax Law

“With the Supreme Court giving President Obama’s new health care law a green light, federal and state officials are turning to implementation of the law — a lengthy and massive undertaking still in its early stages, but already costing money and expanding the government.

The Health and Human Services Department “was given a billion dollars implementation money,” Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg of Montana said. “That money is gone already on additional bureaucrats and IT programs, computerization for the implementation.”

“Oh boy,” Stan Dorn of the Urban Institute said. “HHS has a huge amount of work to do and the states do, too. There will be new health insurance marketplaces in every state in the country, places you can go online, compare health plans.”

The IRS, Health and Human Services and many other agencies will now write thousands of pages of regulations — an effort well under way:

“There’s already 13,000 pages of regulations, and they’re not even done yet,” Rehberg said.”

Via The Gateway Pundit

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Obama Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27!

Allen West ‘Flipped the Bird’ By Detractor

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Father and son charged in shooting of ICE special agent

“A father and his adult son, as well as a minor, have been implicated in the shooting Tuesday of Kelton Harrison, a special agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations division.

Pedro Alvarado, 41, and Arnoldo Alvarado, 18, have been arrested and charged with assault of a federal officer and knowingly using and carrying a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence.

Harrison sustained one gunshot wound to the back and underwent surgery Tuesday at McAllen Medical Center, where he was in stable condition and continued to improve as of Wednesday.

HSI special agents were conducting surveillance early Tuesday morning in anticipation of a drug deal believed to be taking place near Hargill, according to federal court documents. Harrison was parked in his official vehicle near the intersection of Farm-to-Market Road 493 and Cemetery Road when another vehicle approached and its occupants opened fire on his silver Jeep SUV.

The agent drove north on FM 493 as the second vehicle pursued him and its occupants continued shooting, court documents state. Harrison lost control of his vehicle at the intersection of FM 493 and State Highway 186.

Fellow agents quickly arrived on the scene and discovered Harrison had sustained one gunshot wound to the back, according to the court documents.”

Via The Monitor

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The History Of The Federal Reserve System

“For better or mostly worse, the Federal Reserve has been governing the monetary system of the United States since 1914. The visual history below maps the rise of the Fed from its origins as a relatively minor institution, often controlled by Presidents and The Treasury to its supposedly independent and powerful self-aware current position as, arguably, the most powerful entity in the world. And because we always like to be ‘fair-and-balanced’ we juxtapose this clarifying truth of the maniacal growth of the Fed’s balance sheet and shift from passive to hyperactive – highlighting every major macro-economic and political event on the way – with G. Edward Griffin’s 1994 speech on ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’.”

Via Zero Hedge

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I Want The Earth, Plus Five Percent: The Origin of a Debt Based Economy and Today’s Society

Is Wal-Mart Destroying America? 20 Facts About Wal-Mart That Will Absolutely Shock You

“America absolutely loves Wal-Mart. 100 million customers visit Wal-Mart every single week in this country. But is Wal-Mart good for America? That is a question that most people never stop and ask. Most of us love shopping in big, clean stores that are packed with super cheap merchandise, but the truth is that Wal-Mart is destroying America in a lot of ways. As you will see below, Wal-Mart has destroyed tens of thousands of small businesses and countless manufacturing jobs over the past couple of decades. Wal-Mart has become a gigantic retail behemoth that sells five times more stuff than any other retailer in the United States. Unfortunately, about 85 percent of all the stuff sold at Wal-Mart is made overseas. What that is costing the U.S. economy in terms of lost jobs and lost revenue is incalculable. But Wal-Mart is a perfect example of where our economic system is headed. Our economy is becoming completely and totally dominated by highly centralized monolithic predator corporations that ruthlessly crush all competition and that will stoop to just about anything in order to cut costs. In the future, will we all be working for gigantic communal entities that funnel all of the wealth and economic rewards to a very tiny elite? That sounds very much like how communist China works, and red-blooded Americans should want no part of that. America is supposed to be about free enterprise and competition and working together to build up this country, and Wal-Mart is destroying all of that.”

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

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The Biggest Financial Scandal In History?

“We always knew that the financial markets were rigged, but this is getting ridiculous. It is now being alleged that 20 major banks have been systematically fixing global interest rates for years. Barclays has already been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for manipulating Libor (the London Inter Bank Offered Rate). But Barclays says that a whole bunch of other banks were doing this too. This is shaping up to be the biggest financial scandal in history, and criminal investigations have been launched on both sides of the Atlantic. What those investigations are likely to uncover could shake the financial markets to their very core. In the end, this scandal could absolutely devastate confidence in the global financial system and it could potentially bring down a number of major global banks. We have never seen anything quite like this before.”

Via The Economic Collapse Blog

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American Medical Care Is Terminal

“The final nail has been driven into the coffin of America’s medical care system (note it’s not healthcare because the system has nothing to do with health).

With the Supreme Court decision last week on ObamaCare, the US has taken its failed venture into socialized medicine, i.e., Medicare, and foisted it upon the general public, most of whom really believe they are going to get something for nothing.

It is as if the U.S. government doesn’t understand that doubling down on a losing bet doesn’t make it a winner. And let’s not forget that Medicare, which came to America as part of Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society,” has been a tragic, unmitigated failure.

US medical care is the most expensive care in the world. Some say that is because it is the best. Nonsense.

The overall health of the average American is nothing to write home about. The average life expectancy for a person born in the U.S. today is 78.49 – significantly lower than for people born in Monaco, Macau and Japan, for example, which have the three highest life expectancies at 89.7, 84.4 and 83.9 years, respectively.”

Via Whiskey and Gunpowder

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The Socialization Of America Is Economically Impossible

“I understand the dream of the common socialist. I was, after all, once a Democrat. I understand the disparity created in our society by corporatism (not capitalism, though some foolish socialists see them as exactly the same). I understand the drive and the desire to help other human beings, especially those in dire need, and the tendency to see government as the ultimate solution to all our problems. That said, let’s be honest; government is in the end just a tool used by one group or another to implement a particular methodology or set of principles. Unfortunately, what most socialists today don’t seem to understand is that no matter what strategies they devise, they will NEVER have control. And, those they wish to help will be led to suffer, because the establishment does not care about them, or you. The establishment does not think of what it can give, it thinks about what it can take. Socialism, in the minds of the elites, is a con-game which allows them to quarry the favor of the serfs, and nothing more.

There are other powers at work in this world; powers that have the ability to play both sides of the political spectrum. The money elite have been wielding the false left/right paradigm for centuries, and to great effect. Whether socialism or corporatism prevails, they are the final victors, and the game continues onward…”

Via SHTF Plan

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