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5 Examples Of How Agenda 21 Is Increasing The Scope Of Its Enslavement In America

“Agenda 21 destroys people from all walks of life. Its policies are draconian. Its unconstitutional dictates are carried out with impunity. Agenda 21 seeks to destroy the family by separating children from parents. Its allies are destroying private property rights.

Agenda 21 wants to remove all people from rural areas through the enforcement of the anti-small farmer administratively contrived policies frequently concocted by bureaucrats who are outside the reach of the electorate. Agenda 21 proponents allow no discourse as to the veracity and legitimacy of its policies. Agenda 21 advocates pursue a course of extreme revenge against those who speak out against its policies. Agenda 21 is the driving force behind the ridiculous and mindless control policies besieging America under the guise of HOA regulations.

Agenda 21 is the administrative arm of the climate change extremists who use pseudoscience to pursue policies related to the elimination of private property rights. As some of you already know, Agenda 21 seeks to remove nearly all energy usage from the populace. Ultimately, Agenda 21 creators seek to reduce the population by 90%. Agenda 21 is the enemy of humanity and this article is a snap shot of how the Agenda 21 forces are attacking people on an individual, a state and a regional basis.”

Via Activist Post

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Obama Executive Order Could Impact How Homes Are Built

November 20, 2013 1 comment

“Climate change may not be among the pressing issues on your mind, but perhaps it should be. The task force created when President Obama signed his most recent executive order could eventually have control over where, when and how you build or add on to your home.

Want to build on the land grandpa left you and turn it into the perfect off-grid retreat, or build on a room for a new baby? You eventually may have to comply with federal “green” codes that overrule local building ordinances.

A portion of President Obama’s executive order forms a task force – the Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force – that will examine the “climate preparedness” of communities and make recommendation on how they should change. The task force is to “identify opportunities to support and encourage smarter, more climate-resilient investments” by states and local communities – and recommend any changes in regulations. A White House fact sheet applauded local governments that already have updated “building codes.””

Via Off the Grid News

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Obama Climate Change Executive Order Could Impact Property Rights, States’ Rights

“President Obama has signed a climate change executive order that critics say amounts to a dramatic executive branch overreach in authority that could impact property rights and states’ rights.

The White House says the order will make the process of “streamlining sustainability initiatives” far easier.

Obama signed the executive order in early November, some five months after announcing his new Climate Action Plan, which included climate pollution limits on both new and existing power plants for the very first time. The plan also includes plans to increase renewable energy production on federal land, aid communities in dealing with higher temperatures, and increase energy efficiency standards.

But opponents of the plan say it paved the way for side-stepping Congressional oversight on environmental issues and once again diminished states’ rights. The president’s executive order created a task force to advise his administration on the proper way to respond to wildfires, severe storms, droughts and other natural disasters allegedly brought on by climate change.”

Via Off the Grid News

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The Next Shot Heard Round the World Will Be in Northern California

October 27, 2013 1 comment

“As I have highlighted before, there are three distinct stages of revolution. The 15 counties comprising Northern California have entered stage two on the path to revolution, namely, the civil disobedience stage. And two of the counties have entered the civil disobedience phase with a vengeance as their County Board of Supervisors have voted to secede from the state of California. As I read their local community’s media accounts, accompanied by their reasons for secession, I feel like I’m reading an old United States history textbook in which we could substitute the state of South Carolina for the seceding California counties of Siskiyou and Modoc. Emotions are running very high as the residents lifestyles and livelihoods are facing total obliteration.”

Via Activist Post

The Population Control Agenda Is Being Relentlessly Pushed In American Public Schools

“Do you want your kids to be taught that the earth has too many people and that they should have no more than two children for the good of the planet? Yes, I know that this sounds absolutely crazy, but this is actually the kind of propaganda that is being forced upon our young people all over America. The population control agenda is being relentlessly pushed in high school textbooks, in classroom instruction and by outside organizations that are given constant access to our high school students. As you will see below, the number one population control organization in the United States, Planned Parenthood, conducts nearly 900 presentations in high schools in the Los Angeles area every single year. And the population control propaganda gets even worse once our kids go off to college. I know – I spent eight years in the classroom at U.S. public universities and most parents would be absolutely horrified to learn what their children are being taught.”

Via End of the American Dream

Beware of The Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom (TICK)

September 15, 2013 Leave a comment

“There is a transnational association of powerful wealthy families, businesses, organizations and governments, operating primarily through a pyramidal corporate structure with interlocking positions and influences.

The “TICK” is a giant parasite living off of the value of the world’s people. The intent is to consolidate control of the world’s populations and governments in an oligarchic tyranny similar to the kingdoms of old.”

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Governments Kill People!

September 3, 2013 1 comment

“Governments always strive for population control, sometimes overtly and some covertly.

When we think of governments killing people, we think of Adolf Hitler’s Germany and Nazism or Muslimism and fascism. But all big government kills!

Democracies kill covertly and benevolently. They carry out mass murder in many ways. For example, democracy creates war under the pretense of patriotism. Millions of people die and never rebel. It’s repeated over and over. Yet the people never catch on, and they never rebel. It’s amazing.

For the purpose of this discussion, we look at how the medical establishment in American democracy kills millions of people.

The American government makes constant war on the people covertly. It is so covert that only a handful of people in government are even aware. Indeed, it may be fewer than a handful of people who are aware of the government crime of mass murder population control”

Via Alt Market

Forget REAL ID — The Global Smart-ID is coming!

“The grand plan for Global ID is to give each person on the planet a way to identify themselves online. One ID number for each person, to signify all that they are. This is the full personal profile containing anything relevant for identification purposes. It means all our private details being managed by a corporation, in the cloud.

If you want to sign up to the online identity ecosystem, you can already do so through Google or Yahoo!, or by registering with the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG).[1]

And if you don’t want anything to do with it, it’ll be tough, if not impossible, to get by in the future, because you’ll have to use your global ID to access all government services and healthcare services, to drive a car, and, once cash is gone, to pay for anything. Given the atmosphere of mistrust engendered by the system, and the constant fear of terrorism, over time it’s likely you’d need to ‘validate your identity’ to get insurance, to get a job, and to access buildings. “

Via Activist Post

MSNBC host says newborn infants don’t count as ‘alive’ unless parents decide they do; infanticide is the new abortion

“Today Natural News denounces Melissa Harris-Perry, the latest talking head “death worshipper” to publicly imply that she supports the murder of living, breathing newborn children. According to Harris-Perry, life begins when the parents feel like life begins. And together with some twisted new “ethics” arguments from the radical left, this can include months or years after a child is born.

That’s why I need to premise this article with a disclaimer: This article is not about abortion. It’s about the murder of children after they are born. Because once a child is born alive, terminating that life is no longer a “choice” … it’s murder by every legal and moral standard. Because while abortion friends and foes can argue about when life begins in the womb, no one disagrees that a child born alive is, well, ALIVE… do they?

Indeed, they do. MSNBC talking head Melissa Harris-Perry insists that life only begins when the parents have a “feeling” that it begins. “When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. A powerful feeling — but not science,” Harris-Perry said to nationwide astonishment on her July 21 MSNBC show.

And in one stroke, she simultaneously condones the murder of newborn infants (i.e. “post-birth abortion”) while attacking the science of biology which unambiguously states that a living, breathing infant with a heartbeat and brain function is alive, not dead.”

Via Natural News

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HUD’s New ‘Fair Housing’ Rule Establishes Diversity Data for Every Neighborhood in U.S.

“To ensure that “every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of,” HUD has published a new fair-housing regulation intended to give people access to better neighborhoods than the ones they currently live in.

The goal is to help communities understand “fair housing barriers” and “establish clear goals” for “improving integrated living patterns and overcoming historic patterns of segregation.”

“This proposed rule represents a 21st century approach to fair housing, a step forward to ensuring that every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of – where they have a fair shot at reaching their full potential in life,” said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan.”

Via CNS News


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