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Hemingway too easy for fourth graders!? Common Core’s backward reading list

“Is Ernest Hemingway’s famous novel, “The Sun Also Rises,” too easy a read for fourth graders? Perhaps they should try ““Mr. Popper’s Penguins” instead.

This is the backward logic behind Common Core’s reading guidelines, which rely on controversial measures of complexity to determine which texts are suitable for students.

The Common Core national reading recommendations are based on Lexile methodology — a complicated formula that scores texts on vocabulary and sentence length. Texts receive a score between 0 and 1,600. “The Sun Also Rises,” for instance, scores 610 under the Lexile algorithm.

That ostensibly puts Hemingway’s iconic novel about World War I’s “Lost Generation” somewhere in the easy-for-third-graders range — alongside “Curious George Gets a Medal.”

Blaine Gretman, a professor of English at the University of Iowa, cited many more ridiculous examples of Lexile scores at work.

“On my way to work I pass the House on Van Buren Street where Kurt Vonnegut began “Slaughterhouse Five” — but with a score of only 870, this book is only a fourth-grade read,” he wrote in The New Republic. “By these standards ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ (weighing in at a respectable 910) is deemed more complex.”

Under Lexile methodology, “Sports Illustrated for Kids’ Awesome Athletes!” is a suitable read for ninth graders, but “Jane Eyre,” “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” are not. These latter three belong in fourth, fifth and sixth grade classrooms.”

Via The Daily Caller

Republican @ 20 .vs. Democrat @ 40

“There’s an old saying that goes something like this:

If you vote Republican at 20 you have no heart. If you vote Democrat at 40, you have no brain.

The problem is that young voters have, for the last eight years, been voting for their own destruction, and now they’re getting it — in spades.

The worse news is that the Republicans are simply asking whether you’d like to go in the wood chipper feet first or head first rather than offering actual policy fixes.

Let’s just focus on two, both of which come from the same problem: Monopolies.”

Via Market Ticker

Teacher’s union head investigates whether parent is a neo-Nazi – the man is Jewish

“A Pennsylvania father is steaming mad after the head of a local teacher’s union suggested he may be a “neo-Nazi” for questioning a school assignment.

Josh Barry, of Camp Hill, Penn., expressed concern after his daughter brought home an assignment analyzing a New York Times article discussing the recent government shutdown. first reported the story.

The assignment asked questions like, “Whom do you hold most responsible for the government shutdown?” and “Do you feel it is principled or irresponsible for politicians to threaten a shutdown?”

Barry thought it was an exercise in indoctrination.

After contacting his daughter’s teacher, Barry heard back from the school’s principal. After a discussion, a friend of Barry’s relayed a voicemail she received from another teacher named Cydnee Cohen.

Cohen, who is also the president of the local chapter of the teacher’s union — the East Pembrook Education Association, which is part of the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) — said on the voicemail, “We’re having some problems with a parent in our school district and on his [Facebook] page you are one of his friends … but I would like to know, some of it seems like he is a neo-Nazi.”

Cohen then says, “Maybe he is Jewish, I don’t know.”

After it was confirmed that Barry is, in fact, Jewish, Cohen sent text messages to the mutual friend which read “he went to bishop mcdevitt!!” and “he is tea party right wing!” Bishop McDevitt is a nearby private Catholic high school.

“How absolutely disgusting,” Barry told The Daily Caller News Foundation.”

Via The Daily Caller

Common Core standards debate heats up over payments by John Birch group

“Still, Wisconsin and other states have seen backlash from both far right and far left groups over the standards. Some progressive Democrats have joined hands with tea party activists to denounce the standards as being a national curriculum forced on schools by the federal government.

Education experts say that’s a myth.

Business groups have supported the standards, and other conservative outfits, such as the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, have been traveling the national circuit to explain why the standards are a good move for schools.

Michael Petrilli, Fordham’s executive director, spoke in favor of the standards at the select committees’ joint Wausau hearing Wednesday night. He said his employer, Fordham, paid for his travel expenses. The nonprofit advocacy group has received national grants to do Common Core work.

The out-of-state Common Core critics who received travel and lodging compensation were: Sandra Stotsky, a retired professor from the University of Arkansas; James Milgram, emeritus professor at Stanford University; Gary Thompson of the Early Life Child Psychology and Education Center; Ze’ev Wurman, a former U.S. Department of Education official in the George W. Bush administration; and Ted Rebarber, the CEO and founder of AccountabilityWorks, a nonprofit education group.”

Via Milwaukee Journal Sentential

More Common Core Indoctrination: “The People Must Obey The Government’s Commands”

October 31, 2013 1 comment

“So third graders are learning:
-it is the President’s job to make everything fair
-the people must obey the commands of government officials
-the individual’s wants are less important than the nation’s well-being.”

Via Weasel Zippers

Second-Graders Taught Collectivist Propaganda Under Common Core

October 24, 2013 2 comments

“Given that our government now is vastly to the left of anything the Founding Fathers would have regarded as consistent with the libertarian principles the country was founded on, imagine the sort of Marxist regime the next generation is likely to subsist under, in light of revelations regarding what is being taught under Common Core:”

A textbook company contracted to produce materials under the Common Core State Standards is trying to teach students as young as second grade about economic fairness by praising unions, protests and labor leader Cesar Chavez, according to an education watchdog group.

Zaner-Bloser, which is based in Columbus, Ohio, is distributing a lesson plan aimed at teaching second-graders about “equality” by highlighting labor issues, according to Education Action Group Foundation, a non-partisan organization that looks to promote education reform.

As part of the plan, students spend a week reading “Harvesting Hope,” a book about Chavez written by children’s author Kathleen Krull, and then discuss what the lesson plan calls “scales of fairness,” which compare the living conditions of farm workers to that of land owners.

“Fairness and equality exist when the scales are balanced,” teachers are prompted to instruct the students. They are then supposed to ask the students whether both sides, as presented in the plan, are equal, providing a correct answer of “no” in the teachers’ guides.


Via Moon Battery

The Population Control Agenda Is Being Relentlessly Pushed In American Public Schools

“Do you want your kids to be taught that the earth has too many people and that they should have no more than two children for the good of the planet? Yes, I know that this sounds absolutely crazy, but this is actually the kind of propaganda that is being forced upon our young people all over America. The population control agenda is being relentlessly pushed in high school textbooks, in classroom instruction and by outside organizations that are given constant access to our high school students. As you will see below, the number one population control organization in the United States, Planned Parenthood, conducts nearly 900 presentations in high schools in the Los Angeles area every single year. And the population control propaganda gets even worse once our kids go off to college. I know – I spent eight years in the classroom at U.S. public universities and most parents would be absolutely horrified to learn what their children are being taught.”

Via End of the American Dream

Even Mainstream Media Admits Common Core Is ‘Designed to Guide and Shape Human Behavior’

“A recent Huffington Post article by President and founder of Ink Think Tank, Vicki Cobb, “Common Core State Standards, Rules and Art” begins with the following:”

Policies, laws and now the Common Core State Standards are all sets of rules designed to guide and shape human behavior. These rules are implemented through institutions. How does an individual find one’s way through all these rules, regulations, and institutions to become an informed, self-reliant, productive citizen?

Via Activist Post

Third-graders learn to protest against their school SEIU-style – courtesy of Common Core-aligned lesson

“Every day our staff at EAGnews wrestles with the following questions: “What are our children being taught in school?” and “How is the information they’re learning going to change America?”

Zaner protest picture 2Those are important questions to ask, particularly since government schools in more than 40 states will soon be teaching students a curriculum that’s aligned to the new Common Core national standards.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about Common Core. One of the biggest is, “What kind of ideas are leftists going to try and slip into your child’s classroom through the Common Core experiment?”

There’s no doubt it will happen. There is far too much documented evidence of liberal educators actively designing lesson plans and strategies to indoctrinate students into their school of thought.”

Via EAG News

Riverside Cop Tricks Autistic Teen into Buying Pot


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